Monday, March 17, 2008


Over the past several months, many blogs that I have followed are now only accessed by password OR they have completely disappeared. The reasons behind going to a private blog or getting rid of it are numerous. I know some people don't want members of their extended family to read their blogs because it would be one more way for some family members twist that blogger's words. Some bloggers are going though hardships, such as divorce, and only want certain people to comment. I know of one blogger who had a creepy commenter. I know there were several bloggers in the workout community who took their blogs off the net because others in the same community had something to prove, and in a bad way, by leaving bad comments and twisting words around just to pick fights. Those being attacked verbally felt like they were being stalked. *Sigh*

I blog to log in my workout and/running adventures, and some things that interest me - a creative outlet. I try to leave controversy out of my blog. I know I have a heap of spelling and grammatical errors, but I'm not trying for any literary awards. It is what it is -- a journal.

There were a hand full of blogs that I had on my Google Reader account that I didn't have listed on my blog roll on the right. These were blogs that I was inspired by, that I looked forward to reading. I would rarely comment on their blogs, and many of those have gone private as well.

I guess what it comes down to is that I'm missing many of my favorite bloggers. Once that private access goes up, I am out of the loop. I realize that since I don't comment on some of these blogs that it's only natural to be out of the loop. I understand all the reasons behind a person going private, I respect that. I guess I am just saddened that so many of my favorite people have been forced into the position to go private or delete the blogs completely. I was hoping to see some of them come back with new blogs or invitations to access their blogs, but it's only happened once.

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Flo said...

I was just commenting on this the other day. So many of the blogs I really love have just disappeared completely or gone private. It's sad. I don't comment on a lot of blogs, but I really enjoy reading them, and then poof! They're gone!! Yeah, it bums me out too.

I have no idea what this song is :)

Backofpack said...

I feel the same way. And if it goes private, and I do read/leave comments and don't get an email, then it feels funny to ask for access, so I just let it go. It's too bad.

Cathy said...

Hey Irene

If you go private please send me an email...I'd miss you.

The only one this happened to for me was Amyella. I was a loyal reader. Commented once or twice and poof. Emailed but no reply. Definitely created the unwanted feeling. Sniffle. Miss reading about her. Hope she is OK.

I will confess I considered pulling my own blog down when I took the much more public in my community job. But figured, it would still be in google archives for eons so why bother.

Be well.

leslie said...

I feel lucky that even though I'm pretty forthcoming in my blog, I haven't run into any problems with readers or commenters. But I had one weblog friend who took her blog private and I could never get her "invitation" to work. I'm very happy her blog is now public and I can keep up with what she's doing.

Regarding comments -- I often read weblogs and don't comment, because I only comment if I have something to say AND I have the time to write it. And I have zero expectation of anyone leaving a comment for me. In fact, I took down my sitecounter stat thingey, simply because I don't write to see how many people will read, you know? So having the counter just didn't make sense.

Ok, enough from me. I'm glad you have a weblog and that I can read it. Maybe THAT should have been my whole comment!

barbie2be said...

i used to have a blog in which i used my real name but someone was cyber-stalking me so i shut it down and am now just barbie2be.

Anne said...

I've seen where sometimes they pop back up because they miss the feedback. So, maybe that will happen for your favorite bloggers too.

Michelle's comment hit home. I once left a comment on a well-known blog because the woman was going through a terrible spell. Then her next post chided me and said her blog was for her and her friends and strangers freaked her out. I let it go, but I never went back to visit.

Irene said...

I guess it's bound to happen. Some people's interests do change, and the reason behind their blog changes as well, so they give it up.

I feel funny about asking, too, even if it's probably OK to ask, but I don't want to impose myself either. It's kind of a tough call.

I have no plands of abandoning my blog. If anything, after this year is over I probably won't be bloggin daily. The blog365 thing is a bit much, and the people who encouraged me to do it quit. *sigh*

Thanks!!! :) I guess it's a matter of selecting just the righ words, you know? I feel like I'm pretty honest in what I write about. I don't try to make myself something I'm not. I have the sitemeter only because I'm fascinated to see where my blog has been!

The cyber-stalking thing can be creepy. I'm glad your blogging, whether if you are Barbie, Suzy or what ever!

I had something similar happen, but on a workout site, not a blog. I put in my heartfelt 2 cents about a situation and it was taken way out of context. I was somewhat stunned. I also quit posting on that site. I quit giving my 2 cents, unless specifically asked.