Saturday, March 02, 2013

Rescue Me

 Meet my new running partner:

After a few inquiries to rescues and several internet searches for specific breeds (Labradors or German Shepherds),  I stumbled upon Pet Finder, which directed me to Wagging Dog Rescue and several lovely professional photos of Lexi.  I wasn't sure how good my chances were for adopting Lexi, but I figured it was worth a try.  A couple of weeks later I finally received a reply from the lady who heads Wagging Dog Rescue and asked me to submit a formal application.  She did mention that there was another family who was interested in Lexi, but she wasn't convinced that they were the right family for such an active dog.   The rescue people liked my application better because they liked that Hubs and I are runners and have a very active lifestyle.  It didn't hurt at all that we have a big back yard.  It wasn't much longer that the date was set for Lexi's foster dad to bring her over to meet.  We all bonded immediately, but she especially bonded with Hubs.  She followed him everywhere.  I kind of felt bad for her foster dad because we could tell he loved her, and that giving her over to us was hard.  He was a little emotional with the good byes.  After a two week "trial" period, the adoption was final and Lexi became a part of our family.  

It's all about the ball.   The concentration is fierce.

A "Lexi-Proof" ball.
4 year old Lexi is VERY active.  We must have a bajillion balls all over the yard now, and she loves to play fetch until our arms give out.  Just as with training a person to run and adding mileage, I'm doing the same with Lexi.  We're up to about 5 miles, but not solid running yet. I'd prefer to call running with Lexi "interval training." I think we'll be up to a solid 5 miles of running soon.  I don't think I'll have her run more than 6 miles at a time once we get to that point, but I need to make sure she can go the whole five without having to slow down for anything -- except a potty stop.  She has turned out to be a great running partner and gets excited when she sees me put on my running gear. 

Lexi gets along with just about everyone, even our cat Lumpy.  They're not snuggle buddies, but they sniff out each other every morning and that's it.   She has been great with kids, as we put her to the Evan and his best friend test.  The three of them wore each other out.  She does bark for her "greeting," which can be intimidating, but it's her way of saying "hello," especially since there's a wagging tail behind that bark.

Lexi's story of being a rescue is all too typical.  She had at least two prior owners and was in either a shelter or the humane society, and was also found as a stray before she ended up at  Wagging Dog Rescue .  She is micro chipped and the rescue was able to trace her prior owners, but no one stepped up.  This broke my heart.  She weighed about 50 pounds when the rescue took her in, and should weight about 75 to 80 pounds.  I'm happy to report that she's almost at her goal weight at 72 pounds at her last vet visit.   

Lexi is definitely at her "fur-ever home" with us.  We're in love.

Waiting for "Daddy" to come home.

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