Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Push It

Activity: Run
Date: 03/25/08 05:31 PM
Distance: 5.30 miles
Time: 0:52:22
Speed: 6.1 mph
Pace: 9' 52 min/mile
Calories: 511

Today's workout looked like this on the calender:

It was actually an interval/pyramid workout. For example, we'd run fast for one minute, then have a recovery jog and check our heart rates, run fast 2 minutes, then have a recovery jog and check our heart rates, and so on, building up to 5 minutes, then eventually ending back down 1 minute. This was a good workout, and I started out conservatively, but I pushed hard once I got into it. A couple of times I hit in the 7 minute mile range, but it was only for a few seconds. For someone like me, it's pushing hard. I am no where near or want to be where the A group folks are at, as they can hold a 7 minute mile or better for MILES. These people make running look effortless and graceful. I'm just trying to go a little bit faster without throwing up.

By the way, the yellow dot is where I paused the tracker after the warm-up, and the green dot is when we started the interval workout several minutes later.

I haven't been pushing myself hard at the track work-outs. I hope I didn't push too hard. I'll know tomorrow morning, if my muscles decide to be sore.

Yesterday's song:
Good Morning Sunshine - Aqua



barbie2be said...

just reading about the A group is making me tired...

salt-n-pepa! push it real good....

Irene said...

Several of them are training for the Boston Marathon. Winner!!!