Sunday, September 30, 2007

Caught A Little Sneeze

No workout or run today.

I took a free meal yesterday instead of today. I had a couple of bananas that were rather beyond ripe, but perfect for banana bread. For me, banana bread is one of those things I don't really need to measure out. I just sort of know what makes it work and mix it up. In addition to the normal stuff for making banana bread, I threw in chopped walnuts, orange rind, orange juice and dried cherries. (*EDIT* I didn't use any oil, shortening or butter in these, also used an egg substitute.) Instead of using a bread pan, I used a muffin/cupcake pan instead.

I was really happy how these turned out and should have written down the exact measurements of what actually went in to make these. The texture was just right. I was was able to have two. My family inhaled them. Lower in fat, yes, but these were part of a free meal for sure because of the sugar. I'll have to figure how to make them with even less sugar but still taste great. BTW, photographing food and making it look right isn't as easy as I thought it would be.

Last night, as we were winding down for the evening, I had a sneezing attack... Something(s) (some plants) outside are in bloom, pollinating or drying out. These are all plants or trees just outside my bedroom. The sneezing died down second I went into another room. I don't want to rip out everything that's making me sneeze, since one culprit is a very large pine tree, but I need to figure out how to work around it...


Saturday, September 29, 2007

New Roads, Old Places

Today's 5k results...

104 IRENE M 372 48 4/30 F San Diego 27:44 8:56

My WRT had me at 27:35. This wasn't a chipped event.

I purposely didn't go all out on this run. I kept my pace mostly in the low to mid 8 minute mile range for the first 2 miles then eased off towards the end in the low 9 minute mile range, which brought my average down, but it's all good. I felt great. As expected, the course was flat and went through a new "village" that used to be a military base. The streets and paths were new, so no cracks and ditches to be careful on. No hills, either. It was a very comfortable run, unlike my last 5k run which was a struggle. I also came in 4th in my age group, but this was a smaller, newer event, so those super fast women who have 7 minute miles weren't there. I did see a woman there who I'd seen at previous events and we chatted a bit about the fall events. Since this event was all about the Girl Scouts, there were a lot of kids under 12 there, which made for a very kick-back event. This event was great for my mind.

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Friday, September 28, 2007

The Road And The Sky

I always feel the need to take out the camera every time there's a spectacular sunset. These pictures are from yesterday. The entire day on the coast was pretty much overcast, which usually does not lend to much of a sunset, but something wonderful happened and the colors were quite rich. Even my 4 year old grandson took notice. I wish I could get around taking pictures from my backyard without those powerlines in the way... (FYI - The city is putting these powerlines underground, but only one neighborhood at a time, so it could be years before we see that happen here.)

Tomorrow is a 5k event, The Girl Scouts Run/Walk For A New Day, that is keeping with my one run event per month goal for 2007. This one is a little closer to home, just about a 5 to 8 minute drive if all of the traffic lights are green. I have no outward goal for this run event other than just to do it. The weather is rather mild, so I'm expecting a comfortable run on a very flat course, regardless of whatever time I finish at.

Thursday, September 27, 2007

The Stairs

Wednesday was day two of no workout!

Wednesday was also a scheduled visit to my chiropractor. I really like having a different perspective from my chiropractor because:

1) He's into holistics - less likely to suggest drugs
2) He's utilizes Asian techniques/methods
3) He treats a lot of athletes

He showed me a couple of pressure points that can help with eliminating fatugue. I always feel pretty good after I've been adjusted, but it was nice that he could actually give me some knowledge to try and help the situation now, instead of "let's wait and see."

No word back yet from the lab tests yet.

Thursday workout - UBW - Supersets of push-ups/bench-dips, bicep curls/upright rows. 4 sets of 10 each.

I could only go as high as 8 pounds dumbbell weights for the curls and upright rows because my left arm hurts like all get out from where they drew blood on Tuesday. I have a high pain tollerance, but this was annoying!

For added fun, I did the stairs challenge per PDB. I honestly couldn't remember the suggested run pattern, so I did my own thing, about 20 minutes worth. I also lost count. I did several up and back using each step, then several every other step, then several every third step. The only thing about every third step is that I had to lead with a different leg each time because there weren't enough steps. BTW, I did this in my backyard. I have a set of steps (6) that go up to the sun room, then about 4 or 5 strides to another set of 3 steps that go into the garden. I've gotta say that this was a good cardio workout and I think I will work this in to my weekly workout schedule. It was enough of a challenge to get get me really working and something I haven't done in a long time. My dog did get in the way a couple of times because she probably thought I was out there to play with her. Needless to say, I'm drenched, and it's not all that humid out.

Weight this morning was in the 125 range. I'm not holding my breath on that until it stays there for a while, especially with a half marathon in a few weeks and some necessary carb load.

Off to the showers!


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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Doctor! Doctor!

Activity: Run
Date: 09/24/07 11:03 AM
Distance: 10.09 miles
Time: 1:46:54
Speed: 5.7 mph
Pace: 10' 36 min/mile
Calories: 964

I had a pretty decent run yesterday. I borrowed DH's dinky Ipod Shuffle clip, you know, the one the size of a media card, and went. It did help to have some tunes to run with for a change. I usually don't run with tunes when I run outdoors. It was not as busy on the bay path as it normally is, so I didn't have to worry about listening for bicycle riders and large groups, but I did have the volume low enough so I could hear other sounds around me. I did much better on my run than I had anticipated.

No workout today, doctors orders!!!!

I went in to to a primary physician today. They actually assigned me to someone with a good personality, who knew about working out, running, etc. He went over a list of things I could be suffering from:

1) Lack of or little sleep

2) Thyroid issues

3) Deficiencies in my diet

4) Stress

5) Not enough exercise or athletic burn out

6) Depression

Based on our conversation, he didn't seem to think depression was a factor. He discussed that a lot of athletes do suffer from burn out at some point, and maybe this is my body telling me to slow down for a bit. He asked about my workout and running schedule. He did want me to take 2 off days between running and/or working out, and really rest. My blood pressure and heart rate were in the fabulous range. He wanted me to up my protein ratio, just to make sure I am rebuiding muscle properly. Then I was sent to the lab for blood work. Now it's just a matter of waiting. Oh, and weight on the scale there was 126... No change...

One more thing to ponder:
Why is it that the minute you are finished either super vacuuming, or have mopped the floor so clean you can eat off of it, that the dog decides to dig up her "treasures" (bones, toys, sticks, etc.) and bring them in all dirty and dusty, then plop them on the clean floor????


Sunday, September 23, 2007

Lose Yourself

"Look, if you had one shot, or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted - One moment
Would you capture it or just let it slip?"

It has been a busy past few days! I've been keeping with my PDB challenge most of the time, sticking to workouts and running, and sorta good on the nutrition. We did celebrate my son's 20th birthday on Saturday, so that's my excuse... As always, there's house stuff and unexpected social engagements, like free tickets to see Led Zepagain at the House of Blues. I was planning to give the tickets to my son, but the venue was for age 21+, and he's not there yet...

Yes, Saturday (my son) *my baby* turned 20. Instead of taking him out to dinner, we took him out for breakfast at "The Original Pancake House," not to be confused with IHOP. Sometimes breakfast turns out to be the better meal for us, as a family, instead of dinner. Breakfast is my personal favorite meal, hands down. It was funny watching my grandson eat, because he loves blueberry pancakes. He practically inhaled his meal, then set back in his chair like an old man. My son enjoyed his enormous breakfast, then we took him to a guitar store for am electric bass guitar for his birthday. It's hard to surprise him anymore, so we just took him to get the bass guitar, since we have no clue about electric bass guitars... It was fun to be in the presence of so many cool guitars and instruments. They even had a very cool, girly, pink Hello Kitty electric guitar, and it wasn't a kiddie guitar, it was a real one. Every time I go into that store I get the twinge to dig my guitar out and attempt to play again. I really should put guitar playing back on my "to do" list. WELL... my son ended up with a red Fender Squire electric bass guitar. The price was good, too.

It has been no secret that I've been dealing with (lack of) motivation lately. My husband has suggested that this "funk" cold be more than just in my head, but something physical. I've had more frequent breathing issues (I am asthmatic) and extreme thirst when I workout and run, and I've been fatiguing much quicker than normal. Perhaps he is right and I should get checked out. Like many of us, I intensely dislike seeing the doctor, only because of our insurance plan, and I see what ever doctor has an availability, not MY doctor. I only see MY doctor if things get serious. Too bad my chiropractor isn't the end all, since I see him at least twice a month... I have to set up an appointment to be seen by a regular doctor for this week.

Because I've been thinking a lot about motivation these days, and trying to think positive thoughts, I've also been trying out some new songs on my Ipod running songs play list. I'm looking for songs that inspire, give me a kick in the ass, have a good beat for running, motivate, and so on. If anybody has some good songs that get you going or really pumped up, I'd be open to suggestions.

"...So here I go it's my shot.
Feet fail me not cuz maybe the only opportunity that I got.

You better lose yourself in the music, the moment
You own it, you better never let it go
You only get one shot, do not miss your chance to blow
This opportunity comes once in a lifetime.

You can do anything you set your mind to, man."


Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Mental Hopscotch

Activity: Run
Date: 09/19/07 11:24 AM
Distance: 5.02 miles
Time: 0:49:32
Speed: 6.1 mph
Pace: 9' 52 min/mile
Calories: 474

I decided that I needed a mental boost, so I went to the bay to run ~ knowing that it wouldn't be busy with tourists and the usual weekend crowd, just a few parents and their toddlers at the playground ~ it's overcast and looking like rain is near by. I ran 5.02 miles before it started to sprinkle.

At they posted a picture of me! You have to scroll down a little bit to find me here. I didn't even know they posted it until Chantal mentioned something in "comments." It was sent to them well over a month ago and I forgot all about it... That really made my day! I posted this same picture here back in August.

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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Something In The Air

Body weight LBW circuits- Squats, lunges, calf raises. 6 sets, 30 reps of squats & calf raises, 6 sets, 12 reps for lunges.

Feeling DOMS , mostly in the biceps.

We had nosebleed seats at the game last night, but it was still fun to get out. The Padres won. I managed to get home at a decent time. Kind of a quiet day on the home-front. Everybody here is passing around a cold so I had to go out and get some decongestant. I totally understand why they keep track of how many OTC drugs a person can buy with pseudoephrine, but it still feels strange to have to give your name to purchase it. As of right now, I'm the only one not feeling the cold that's going around here, and I hope it stays that way.

I was summoned for jury duty AGAIN. It has been way less than two years since the last time, BUT it's an entirely different court, so I have to report... Yay me.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketNow, let's talk about "first times" There are some people who I cyber know who are doing great things, and they deserve some big props! Ironically, both their blogger names have "2 be" in them... First is blogger Chantal2befit, who ran in her first half marathon, the Philadelphia Distance Run Half Marathon, and blew away her expected finish time by around 15+ minutes, even with knee issues! I have some serious catching up to do if I want to keep up with her! Next is Barbie2be. She has signed up through Team In Training to participate in her first marathon... IN ROME, ITALY! How cool is that? I'm very excited for these two ladies!


Monday, September 17, 2007

A Change Would Do You Good

Upper body workout - Circuits on Bowflex, 6 sets 16 reps each - Lat pull downs, incline chest presses & flys, bicep curls curls, bench dips, abs to failure on The Bean, about 250+.

It took some time, but I think most of the links on the sidebar are functional. I had to go back and enter everything individually, instead going into editing the html codes then cutting and pasting the entire block of sidebar stuff, like I did with past templates. I might still play around with the headder picture a bit, just to get an image or picture that seems more "me." I do actually have that variety of purple flowers on my side yard, but they're not in bloom right now. I didn't take that picture.

I have begun another challenge on

Fitness - My running times have gotten progressively slower. My best 5k time was something like 25:48 and it was easy. My last 5k was 28:15, and it was hard. I want my running to feel "easy" again with faster shorter distance times, which will, in turn, improve my longer distance times. In order to improve my running, I need to improve my total body fitness. Upper body is lacking and I'm not as limber as I once was. Weight - As of today, my weight is 126, which is not bad, but to improve my perfomrance I do need to be a little lighter. For this challenge I'd like to get down to around 121/118 with muscle.

My head - I really used to feel a great sense of accomplishment from working out and running. I don't anymore. They both suck. I want to feel excited about fitness again. I workout and run because I need to, but the effort and willingness to exceed my last workout and/or run just isn't there. There's no spark. I want that spark back.

Game Plan:
Actively search for a running group. I have 2 5k runs and 2 half marathons before the end of the year, and I'm already signed up for the 2008 SDRNR Marathon. If I'm planning to continue of all that running, I need to be in a group that meets weekly and be with people who run at my pace. (My 2007 goal was to run in at least one event every month this year.) As far as weight workouts, I need to get my butt to the gym. Working out at home is fine, but there is something to be said for motivation when working out at the gym. Seeing other people actually working out is motivating (for me). For weights, I'll be doing fast paced circuit training, moderate weights, high reps. Holiday parties have never been a problem. I just use them as my "free" meal for the week and limit my alcohol to one drink, or no alcohol.

Weak spots - Right now, it's motivation. There is none. As stated before, getting with a running group might help with that, plus some actual gym workouts. Just going through the motions of everything (because I need to) is getting old.

I did well with last year's challenge, so I'm hoping I can do the same this year, and have more visual results.


Saturday, September 15, 2007

Almost Paradise

I'm not quite sure what's going on, but Blogger wasn't "digging" my template (the one with the artsy/sketchy looking gray and orange design) on Internet Explorer, and it partially showed up on Mozilla Firefox, so until I figure things out and get a new template, I'm just using a Blogger template -- For now it's under construction, again, so I have to play around with all of the side bar stuff that is currently missing... *SIGH*

Back to business...

Activity: Run
Date: 09/15/07 10:24 AM
Distance: 8.05 miles
Time: 1:29:21
Speed: 5.4 mph
Pace: 11' 06 min/mile
Calories: 764

I had a planned slower pace today, but I wasn't going for speed, just to enjoy the ride and get in the mileage. It's an incredibly beautiful day here in paradise.

I got out to run a little later than planned, but it wasn't as busy at the bay as I had anticipated. This weekend starts the annual thuderboat races at Mission Bay, so people were either staying away or parking elsewhere. As I was running, I could hear the roar of the boats in the not-so-far distance and the whir of the Coast Guard helicopter overhead. I really couldn't see anything, since the races were on the other side of of the bay from where I was running.

Have a great weekend!


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Friday, September 14, 2007

The New Workout Plan

Guess what? We never went away on part 2 of our intended break. There were projects due and client meetings for my husband. I did work on some projects at home, like delegating where all the junk, I mean treasures, from the other garage at the bottom of the yard go. My son took it upon himself to clean out that garage, only because he wanted a space for him and the "band" to practice. I must explain "band." So far, it's a group of 4 guys with guitars. No drummer or percussionist , no bassist, at least not that I heard. One guy does sing, though. I guess this is an emerging band. No band name yet. I'm not even sure how my son met these other guys... So far, it's all about the music, and I haven't had the chance to place some ground rules yet, but that's next, I suppose. I need to have a chat with my son to make sure everything is on the up and up.

Today ends my month long "You Are What You Eat" Challenge. My goal was to track my food intake through Fitday and lose 5 pounds of fat. I lost 2 pounds, and there's some muscle gain, but I didn't measure that when I started this challenge - dumb, I know. I'm not all that tall, so, for me, a 5 pound weight loss of fat is the difference between fitting into my clothes and not. For some weird reason, I don't do well with weight loss over the summer months. I do much better during the fall and winter months, perhaps the cooler weather makes it more comfortable for me to work out ~ I don't know for sure. Since weight is really not an issue, 5 pounds doesn't seem like much weight to shed, but since that's all I have to lose, it's not as easy as it sounds, especially if I want to be healthy about it. If I didn't eat for a few days I'm sure 5 pounds would be gone, but so would muscle, my energy, and my sanity... It's these smaller "challenges" that help me to keep my weight down, and to keep from gaining back the initial 30 pounds I lost about 7 1/2 years ago. Next on the workout to do list is another PDB challenge that goes from September 17, 2007 through December 31, 2007.

No workout or running today, but I need to fit in a long slow distance run this weekend, at least 7 miles.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Immigrant Song

Upper body workout on the bowflex ~ lat pull downs with 3 different grips, upright rows, chest presses, chest flys, bench dips.

My arms were feeling a little twingey today, so I had to ease up on the weights for all the exercises, except bench dips, where I just use body weight...

Speaking of body weight, it's already back down from the weekend splurge. Now if I can just go down a couple of pounds more, I will have kept with my PDB "You Are What You Eat" challenge.

I'm not sure what it was, if it was the later in the day run, the fact that we took some time off from reality, but I slept better last night than I had slept in a very long time.

I'm still planning on a break with hubbie, even if it is for a couple of days. We've pretty much agreed on one thing, though, is that this respite needs to be at the beach.

"Our only goal will be the Western shore."


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place

My husband and I took a mini break this weekend for a concert and overnight stay at the concert venue. It was great. They upgraded our room to a junior suite, dinner was fantastic, seats were 4th row center, and the concert was outdoors and the weather was perfect. We enjoyed the concert - Heart rocks - even after all these years, but the concert seemed too short. The next day we got up and went for a long walk/talk and watched the ships go by. After checkout, we cruised over to the beach and went boogie-boarding, more walking and out to dinner. The two downsides were having to come back home to reality and making the mistake of weighing myself after a long "free" day. I know it's mostly water retention, because I did splurge and have a few drinks at the concert dinner, but it's still brings things back to reality. I know that by Wednesday or Thursday my weight should be back to normal. Hubbie has some things to handle at work, so we're probably not going to leave again until Wednesday or Thursday. We're just going to pack the car and go somewhere, no where in particluar, probably up the coast.

I need to get out and run.

Have a great day!


EDIT -- I actually ran at the bay around sunset!
Activity: Run
Date: 09/11/07 06:27 PM
Distance: 5.58 miles
Time: 0:56:26
Speed: 5.9 mph
Pace: 10' 06 min/mile
Calories: 534

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Earthquake Weather

Activity: Run
Date: 09/05/07 09:28 AM
Distance: 3.58 miles
Time: 0:35:51
Speed: 6.0 mph

Pace: 10' 00 min/mile

Calories: 341

The weather has cooled down but the humidity seems higher. I was pretty well drenched after my run today. I felt good about my run, but since summer vacation is over for most people, the streets seemed busier more car traffic, and I had to slow or stop a few times to yield the right-of-way. This was one of those runs that I had to be very aware of everything around me, so there was no way I could get lost in my thoughts... It was just too busy. I ran in my neighborhood, but avoided "the hill." I'll take on that hill again, soon. I can't avoid hills in my neighborhood, so I did have my share today, just not THAT one.

Yesterday was my grandson's first day of school, ever. He's been to a home daycare since he was a baby, so this was a big day for him. He handled the first day well, so well that he wanted to stay and it was hard for my daughter to pry him off the playground equipment when it was time to go home. As with all family traditions, as we did with my children, here's his first day of school picture:

He came home so exhausted, and fought falling asleep all afternoon, but was deep asleep even before his usual bed time.

If you live in San Diego, CA, did you feel it? Yesterday, there was a smallish earthquake off the coast, about 4 miles out. It was in the 4.0 range. If you've never experienced a small earthquake before, this one felt like a large dump-truck just went by and shook the house enough to make a few things rattle. The only thing I check to see if it actually was an earthquake, is to look at one of my hanging lights - like the one pictured to the right - to see if they're swaying, and that's usually a good indicator... Granted, swaying hanging lights are not very scientific, but that's what I look at if the house should rattle... Of course, the local news had to play it up until they had more serious matters to report on. The earthquake wasn't that serious, but but it's enough to get the geologists excited.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!


Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Looking Out My Back Door

No running or workout yesterday...

How was your three day weekend? Mine was hot. I don't know if it was record breaking heat, but we had temps in the hundreds in my neighborhood. Did I ever mention that we don't have an air conditioner at this house? It's usually not so hot in my neighborhood, but it was exceptionally toasty with little to no relief, so we had to improvise, like making use of the Spiderman Slip 'N' Slide.

The warm and humid weather brings all sorts of interesting clouds, which helps to provide the most fabulous sunsets.

All summer long, we can see the tower at Sea World, lit up to represent the colors of the American Flag. In years past, it was only lit up at Christmas time. I believe it's lit up year-round now, but with different colors for Christmas.

Just about every night, since about Memorial Day, we've seen the Sea World fireworks at 9:50 PM, and ends at 10:00 PM. My dog goes crazy barking EVERY NIGHT when the fireworks go off. Luckily, the neighbors really don't notice, probably because their dogs are barking, too. I thought my dog would get used to the booming noise, but she has to put in her 2 cents every night. Now that Labor Day has passed, the fireworks will only happen on the weekends, and the dog will have to bark at something else.

Back to business...

It's time for the list of the August winners for: "NAME THAT ARTIST /BAND/COMPOSER/MUSICIAN/ETC." For those of you who haven't played yet, it's pretty simple. I title my blog posts with song titles. Be the first to correctly guess who recorded/performed the song, post your answer under "comments," and if you are correct, the glory is yours.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketPhoto Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

8/31/07 Sounds of Silence - Simon & Garfunkle -

8/30/07 C Is For Cookie - Cookie Monster - Katiefeldmom

8/28/07 Rock 'N' Roll Lifestyle - Cake -

8/26/07 When Irish Eyes Are Smiling - Danny Kay, Bing Crosby, Roger Whittaker, etc -

8/24/07 I Have Confidence - Julie Andrews - Miss Rachel

8/22/07 My Stunning Mystery Comparison - Jackson Browne - Barbie2be

8/20/07 Morning Has Broken - Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam -
Zooman, Barbie2be

8/19/07 Hot Child In The City - Nick Glider -

8/17/07 I Turn My Camera On - Spoon -

8/14/07 Hot In The City - Billy Idol -

8/10/07 Finally Friday - George Jones -

8/8/07 Big Empty - Stone Temple Pilots -

8/4/07 Happy Trails - Dale Evans-Rogers - Barbie2be

8/1/07 The Name Game - Shirley Ellis -