Wednesday, October 03, 2012

All I Really Want

Fall rolled around last month and so did the heat.   It's not that  bad, really, but when you don't have an air conditioner, most of your fans are broken, and the stores have replaced their summer promotional items (like fans) with Christmas decorations, it kind of sucks.  Last year we had virtually no summer and I guess this is Mother Nature making up for slacking off.  Temperatures have been in the 90s and 100s, even in my neighborhood, which tends to be at least 10 degrees cooler than the rest of San Diego county.

Enough about the weather...

I've been fortunate to be on somewhat of a winning streak, so to speak of.  Over the past few months I've won a Pitter Potter hydroponic planter, Shark Attack pops (like Otter Pops, but with alcohol for adults), a pair of Mizunos, and won two entries to be a guest of Sam The Cooking Guy at a local fundraising event/competition called "Chef Showdown."  

Photo op with Sam.
My date -  Hubs, of course!
A few people have joked with me that I should try playing the lottery...  I must say that I've enjoyed my wins.  I've continued to get a lot of use out of the hydroponic planter and have replanted twice.   The Shark Attack pops came in handy when we had an evening of heat and humidity. You know I"m a sucker for running shoes, but I'm really liking my Mizuno Wave Creations.  I've already logged a bunch of miles on those babies.  The most fun was definitely being a guest of Sam the Cooking Guy.  The Chef Showdown proceeds went to benefit the Center For Community Solutions and Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  The venue was Liberty Station at Point Loma -- outdoors.  There was a silent auction and an actual auction.  There were several booths and tables set up by several local restaurants and spirits companies.  We received small plates with "bites" of food, but there was so many bites of food that we were stuffed.  I must add that the bites were over the top delicious. We did get to know Sam briefly, but we spent more time with one of his assistants and his assistant's girlfriend.  We chatted so long that we barely paid attention to the actual Chef Showdown competition which was like a version of the shows Chopped or Iron Chef.

I went ahead and joined the track club's Whatever fall program.  I wasn't able to join the summer program because I worked most weekends.  I did attend twice with Hubs, who did join for the summer, but it wasn't enough to fit in any actual training or decent runs.  My Fall Saturday work schedule is somewhat spread out due to the doctor's schedule, which gives me more opportunities to run with my track club friends on Saturday mornings.  With  me joining up with the track club for fall means that I'm officially off of my running hiatus.  I'll be back to half marathon training soon.  I haven't decided if I'm going to run the in Carlsbad half marathon in January 2013 yet, especially since I'm just getting back to adding miles.  I don't even know if Carlsbad is sold out yet. My next half marathon is the San Diego Half Marathon in March 2013.  The fall runing program will get me back on track.  I must add that the long sleeved tech t-shirt is very nice, and I especially like that it says  "Run For Darrel" on it.  This fall session is dedicated to Darrel, a long time track club member who was very ill with cancer.  Darrel was still with us when the shirts were ordered, but, saldly, by the time the shirts arrived he had succumbed to the cancer.  I feel very priviliged to have known Darrel, and I really like wearing the shirt in his honor.

Run For Darrel

Finally, Hubs had complained that we took no vacation time to do anything this summer.  I took a look at the Humphrey's Concert by the Bay line up and Alanis Morrisette was added.  We booked the dinner, room, concert package.  We ended up with one of the rooms just adjacent to the stage and IMMEADIATLY called friends to hang out in our room to catch the show.

"Souleye" opened for Alanis Morrisette.  Not a bad  view from the room, right?
Monday night is kind of tough for most people, but    two really good freinds came out.  While the were there at the show, they saw two of their freinds sitting in the back row and told them to come up, which was wonderful because they are huge Alanis Morisette fans.  Michael and I had awesome seats down on the floor, second row center, and we were so fortunate to get that room so our friends could enjoy the show.

I have to laugh because there are signs saying  "no recording devices allowed," but  security didn't enfore it.
I just wanted to share some of my end-of-summer highlights, and to remind myself that there are a lot more highlights to come, especially when things get tough.

Song From Thursday, August 23, 2012:
What Doesn't Kill You - Kelly Clarkson