Sunday, May 30, 2010

It's Easy

Today officially marks one week until the marathon. I'm feeling less ambivalent about my foot and more confident that I'll finish the entire half marathon running most of it, however I won't be shattering any records. I'm OK with not shattering any records, I'm over-joyed to be running.

I participated in the very last Saturday run with the track club. We began the run at a very sunny RIMAC Field at the UCSD campus. This was a 1 hour 30 minutes time on your feet run, and I really didn't place any expectations on myself, I just wanted to move, even if it was slow going. I would have been happy with a 12 or 13 minute mile average. I started out running with AKA Alice. I honestly thought I would end up watching her run off well ahead of me because she's doing great and I'm still on the rebound, but I was able to keep up with her, more or less, for the entire run. I think running with her helped me to push myself just a little more than I normally would have done on my own. A few of our splits were even in the 10 m/m range. I was surprised. This run boosted my confidence. Parts of this run were, admittedly, a little tough. For starters, it was a WARM morning. We've had a cool Spring thus far, and the warmth of the sun did not make for a completely comfortable run. We've had no heat training. Sure, it was a gorgeous day, perhaps for going to the beach or lounging by the pool, but for running? Not so much.  I'm glad I remembered to slather on the 50 SPF sun block before heading out this particular morning.  There were also a few hills. They weren't extremely steep hills, only one made me want to walk, but it was enough to make it a good, but hard workout. Running with AKA Alice made the miles go by smoothly. I also forgot Lucy and relied on the BiM program on my cell phone to track miles, but I put my cell phone in the pouch on my water bottle belt, and couldn't easily check for time and miles. AKA Alice kept me posted on time and miles ran.

Post run photo op.  I just realized how pasty I look next to the healthy glow of AKA Alice.  Photo credit to my Hubs, who used my trusty cell phone camera. 

Other highlights of the last run:
  • Taking the oath  - "I (state your name)"... promise to have a good race, etc...
  • Seeing a lot of my track club friends.
  • Listening to the guest speaker.
  • Hubs watching the soccer games on the field and not listening to the speaker, especially when he blurted out "nice" after a  play on the soccer field, which coincided with something the guest speaker said.
After the guest speaker and other announcements, Hubs and and I went home, cleaned up, then went to a party for my in-law's 65th wedding anniversary, hosted by my in-law's care taker.

Here's most of us.

This home was located in a modest neighborhood, in a very unassuming house, but the back had this mini version of Hugh Heffner's mansion pool/grotto:

Perfect for this day!

The actual Playboy mansion grotto/pool, just to compare.

After we  swam, toasted my in-laws, stuffed our faces and played games, Hubs and I went home to do this:

Good times...

We scraped texture coat from just one section of the house.  This stuff is horrible.  My uncle had the house texture coated less than 20 years ago, but the guarantee is for "as long as you own the home,"  as long as my uncle owned the home. It figures that the stuff was already peeling off the house when we bought it from the estate.  Perhaps there are contractors who have a better texture coat product, but this is the second house we've lived in that the texture coat easily peeled off.  

My sister, husband and nephew are in town for a few days.  It turns out that my sister applied for a position with in her company, in the Sherman Oaks, CA, area and got the job.  Ever since they've moved out of California they've been trying to move back.  They've lived in 6 different states since leaving California.  The trip was mostly to scope out neighborhoods close to her work.  So far they're liking Studio City, but they have until August to make the move.  Saying they're excited is an understatement.  With only a couple of  hours of drive time between the Los Angeles are and San Diego, I'm sure we'll be seeing each other a little more often.

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Thursday's Song:
Cherry, Cherry - Neil Diamond


Thursday, May 27, 2010

Cherry, Cherry

Product Review

About a month ago, a rep from Cheribundi contacted me to review their juices. I was more than happy to oblige, and she sent me 4 bottles of cherry juice to try.

This is what I received:
Two regular, one lower calorie and one with protein.

This all-natural juice is cherry intense! I like intense flavors, and the tart cherry just bowled me over. It has the consistency of pomegranate juice, yet has a more powerful flavor. I never drank an entire 8 ounce bottle in one sitting, maybe I would drink just half of it or mix it in with lemonade or limeade. The "Tru Cherry" and "Skinny Cherry" versions would probably make good bar mixers for a cherry martini, cherry mimosa or just mixed with soda water and a lime wedge for a refreshing non-alcoholic spritzer.

Cheribuni offered three versions. The "Whey Cherry" has 8 grams of protein, but I'm allergic to whey protein. I was able to taste it without any major consequences, but Hubs drank the rest of it. He must have liked it because it went down fast. The added protein made the juice a little thicker, but not by much. The "Skinny Cherry" version was a little milder in flavor, and is only 90 calories, compared to the 130 calories of the "Tru Cherry." The "Tru Cherry" was true cherry, in your face, knock your socks off flavor.

I would purchase Cheribundi on my own, as I really do like the extreme cherry flavor, but I would experiment mixing it with other fruit juices or drinks, or recipes, such as some sort of marinades, sauces or syrups.*

It's good for you, too, packed with antioxidants and is a great source of potassium.

Yesterday's Song:
Through My Eyes - Phil Collins


*Ooooh, cherry syrup over waffles... Must . Have . Waffles.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Through My Eyes

Saturday's Song:
Don't Stop Believing - Journey - Planet Ynnep Running


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Don't Stop Believing

 Guard(en) dog

It has been kind of a long and busy week.  I even missed Wordless Wednesday.  I would have posted the above picture. I'll try to catch up as best as possible without putting you all to sleep.

Went into orthopedics for X rays and chat with a PA. The PA seemed to think my bone was calloused over enough and I could resume normal activity, with reason. She suggested building up to running again, giving myself 3 weeks to do so. The boot got the boot and they don't want to see me any more! 9 weeks is how long it took for the bone to heal enough. It's still healing, but now I can move around without that boot again.

I went in to my usual RU session. I had sent Bryan my very last set of x-rays, and he knew I was good to go. First thing he gives me a big hug because I've been given the OK to resume "normal" life, but then it's business as usual, and I was back to a really good and sweaty workout. He also had me work out longer than normal. My time slot is usually an hour, but I put in about 2 hours, plus I had my foot and shin worked on due to shin splints from the 6 mile walk last Saturday, then ice. The the foot massage still isn't a fun experience, but having the shin worked on was extra special. I really had to dig super deep to find my happy place. He said it would feel better later, but in the mean time he told the PT next to him to hide all sharp objects from me, because I might hurt him after that therapeutic massage. Oww.  All joking aside, I no longer had any foot discomfort what-so-ever because my shin hurt so much after that.

After fun and games at RU, I actually set foot in Costco. I was very aware of foot placement in conjunction to other people's carts. I wouldn't use the term "paranoid." I was just more mindful. It figures that in the time I've been out, they've rearranged where they put some of their items. I couldn't find the only dog treats my dog will eat, but I did discover chocolate Cheerios and big bags of precooked frozen brown rice.

Once I got out of Costco I soon discovered two phone messages from my grandson's school. He's sick and his mommy isn't available, and it's up to me to rescue him. Poor kid. He was pretty miserable with his "throat on fire," but didn't have a fever. The fever kicked in later, though. Mommy took him to the doctor but there's still no infection, it's just a bad cold/flu.

I stayed at home with the kiddo. He's feeling good one minute, lousy the next. He camped out on the sofa with a big blanket, some herbal tea and toast while I sat next to him and hemmed my jeans, the ones I bought at AKA Alice's party a over month ago. I actually had some place to wear my new jeans!

Thursday evening Hubs and I went to a MS fundraiser sponsored by RU. It was held at the Double Deuce downtown, only $20 per person, which included 2 drinks, substantial appetizers and a raffle ticket. The Double Deuce is sort of a Western-ish bar/night club, complete with electrical bull riding and a stripper pole. The stripper pole was in the same area as the appetizers and I made the mistake of leaning on it, to which Hubs immediately made some snarky comment. Sheesh. I was able to catch up with a lot of people who ran the Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Marathon and Half Marathon in December '09. People paid to see the PT's ride the bull, with all the proceeds going to the MS Society. I also got to see my PT, Bryan, ride the bull, which was pretty funny, since he was wearing a few pairs of underwear and a pink women's tank top.

He really needs to come out of his shell...

Not just the guys did this.  Jessica, a PT, was amongst several of the women who rode!

The kiddo is still sick at home. He spent the morning sleeping. I took that time to garden a little, and discovered that some insect got into the roots of my seedlings and killed a whole bunch of them. I did what I could to save the rest and I might have planted a few too early, but with the hopes that they'll do better in the ground.

Friday evening Hubs and I attended a live art exhibit. A friend of ours paints models bodies, methodically and very strategically, then the model lays on a canvas or foam core board to make an imprint. It was quite the event and fascinating to watch.

  It was incredible to watch him work. 


I went running with the track club. It started out as a walk/run, with a ratio of 2 minutes of walking to 2 minutes of running. That walk/run thing only lasted for about the first couple of miles. I found it less stressful to actually run, but at a much slower than normal pace. If it were not for the stop lights I probably would have ran the entire way back. I wasn't intending to put in 9.3 miles, but I felt good and just went with it. We also had PERFECT running weather, which was cool and overcast. It felt chilly afterward, while we were sitting on the grass listening to our guest speaker. Even though the speaker was fun to listen to, I was chilled and decided to warm up in the car. My foot feels OK, just a little weirdness in the ankle, but my knees are telling me that there's a storm on the way, but that has been an ongoing issue due to arthritis. I don't feel thrashed or as if I had never run before. 9 weeks is a good chunk of time off from running, and I feared not being able to handle more than the 6 miles I walked last week. I could of handled 13.1 slow miles today.

Hubs brought his camera on today's run:

 Mik and AKA Alice

"C group, GO!"

The next couple of weeks are going to be busy ones:
  • Getting in what ever running I can get in, within reason, of course.
  • Making sure my garden survives.  Some of my seedlings in K Cups were eaten at the roots. Stupid bugs.
  • My sister and husband will be in town for a week.
  • My in-laws are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary.
  • My daughter is graduating from community college with two degrees.
  • My nephew will be in and out of town (a few times).
  • The pasta dinner with the SDTC is the Friday before the marathon, and it's going to be a full house.  
  • The 2010 San Diego Rock 'n' Roll Marathon and Half Marathon is in just two weeks.
  • My birthday. Edit -- It's not until June
  • Life.
  • And laundry...  It goes on, and on, and on, and on...

Monday's Song:
Feelin' Alright - Joe Cocker


Monday, May 17, 2010

Feelin' Alright

"May Gray" is now with us.  We've had such pleasant weather up until yesterday, where it stayed overcast all day long.  It never really warmed up, either.  If I were running it would actually be perfect weather.

On Saturday I decided to attend the track club's run.  This particular run is normally a 20+ mile run.  I'm still not ready to run, but I decided to walk and see how far I could go.  It has been over two months since I've run or even walked more than a couple of blocks.  I kept an open mind, but remained cautious.  This is also the first time I've been able to really test out the custom orthotics.  I've been wearing the orthotics since I first put them in my shoes, but walking further was a better test.   I had no specific distance goal, but I knew I wanted to put in at least a couple of miles.  Coach Paul stopped and walked with me for a short time just to make sure I was OK and inquired about my foot.  Several of my friends ran by in the opposite direction and it was cool to give out some high fives along the way.  It felt weird being at the very back of the pack, but I wasn't putting in the high miles, I just wanted to see what I could do.  Here's the route I took:

I did an out and back from Hospitality Point to Mariner's Point and back, logging in 6.3 miles.

I felt OK, and that 6.3 miles was just enough. I'm not sure if it's the orthotic or if it's my left foot overcompensating in different places, but I have a shin splint near the outer side of the left calf. Shin splints are normally caused by going too fast or far too soon, or the wrong shoes. In my case, I don't think it's going too fast or too far too soon, and I know it's not the shoes. I think it might be the custom orthotic in the left shoe and some overcompensation. I haven't had shin splints in YEARS. I've been doing the R.I.C.E. thing, which I do for my foot anyway, plus using the stick to massage the shin. I'll address this at RU on Wednesday.

I enjoyed reuniting with many of my friends again and seeing how wonderfully they're doing.

The "Welcoming Committee" did an awesome job and had a tape to run through at the end, plus a cooler full of Otter Pops.  That's Molly (and me) recreating running through the tape.  No, she didn't run in sandals. LOL.

Group photo.  Brownie points if you can find me.  I'm wearing a white hat.

Hubs did OK. He doesn't run with a GPS at all, but he thinks he put in about 16 or 17 miles.

Based on how I walked on Saturday, I can definitely WALK the half marathon under the 4 hour time limit. I might be able to attempt a walk/run pattern.  I just have to be open minded to whatever happens. I'm just happy to be participating.

Thursday's Song:
Such Great Heights - Postal Service E-Speed


Thursday, May 13, 2010

Such Great Heights

As careful as I have tried to be, I still gained 5 pounds while not running.  While this is not a huge amount of weight gained, it's still weight gained that could easily double, then triple.  Been there.  When I do get back to running, it's going to be sort of like starting over again, and that includes paying super duper attention to every thing I eat.  I suppose running, for me, makes all the difference in maintaining my weight.  Due to my height (or lack thereof - I'm 5ft 3in) 5 pounds = a whole size.  NOTHING fits, unless it's stretchy, like yoga pants or running shorts, but those aren't fitting quite right, either.   I  haven't gone hog wild with eating, but it makes me realize that if I ever do stop running I better replace it with something that keeps me from gaining back the 30 pounds I initially lost about 10 years ago. *

I had an appointment at RU on Wednesday and did a real workout and worked up a real sweat.  It was great. I also had my foot worked on, and that wasn't so great. I'd say it was a foot massage, but that sounds like something relaxing with vanilla scented candles and  Enya's Watermark playing in the background.  This was anything but relaxing.  I tensed up.  I guess I'm subconsciously guarding my foot and anticipating pain.  I need to go to my happy place in my head. Once Bryan made me aware of my tense foot, I was able to relax a little more, but it wasn't vanilla scented candles and Enya's Watermark playing in the background.  It still hurt. Yes, there's a method to the madness, but holey moley guacamole. Ouch.

I've transferred my yellow squash and zucchini seedlings into the garden.  They look so tiny and unprotected out there, but those usually end up being large, productive plants.  The next seedlings to be transferred will be some of the romaine lettuce.  I'm having a tough time starting tomato seeds this year.  I might have to break down and just buy a tomato plant already started.

 My babies are growing!

This Saturday is a long run for the track club. For many of the runners it will be a 20 mile run, maybe more.  I won't be running at all, but I'm going to walk a couple of miles.  I need to do something.  I'm also missing my friends.   I'm not sure what Hubs has planned for that particular run, but even with PF, he's been doing well.

Do you ever have days where you feel like you're 12 years old, but only to be followed by days where you feel like you're 100?  My week has been as such. 

Yesterday's Song:
Worn Out Welcome - Jackie Greene


*I cross train with weights and resistance bands, but without cardio, maintaining weight has been tough, and I would really have to cut calories to something ridiculous, and I'm not going that far.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Worn Out Welcome

Monday's Song:

When I'm Back On My Feet Again - Michael Bolton - Katiefeldmom


Monday, May 10, 2010

When I'm Back On My Feet Again

Still busy not running...  sort of not running.  OK, so I ran about 25 feet or so. I'll get into that later.

I think I figured out my itchy skin issues.  I was getting itchy, dry skin around the back of my neck and collar bone.  Due to the process of elimination it's most definitely dairy, and possibly corn.  I've known all along that I've been allergic to dairy/cow's milk products.  Up until very recently I could handle small amounts of dairy, such as a touch of cream in my coffee while out to eat, or a small pat of butter on toast.  No more.  Over the past week I took out ALL cow's milk products away from my diet.  This wasn't easy since I had to be the picky one when going out to eat and ask how foods were prepared.  I'm just about all cleared up.  I'm putting corn back in next week just to see what happens.   Good times.

The garden is coming along slowly.  I planted the yellow squash seedlings into the garden.  I have a feeling I'll be over-run with yellow squash this season, but I'm going to attempt using the squash flowers for cooking.   Some of the romaine lettuce is just about ready for the transfer, but I want to make sure they're big enough to handle being out there, unprotected.  I just need to figure out other ways of keeping gophers, slugs and snails away from my precious vegetables.

On Saturday I attended another Runner's World wear test event.  I came away with a pair of Brooks Ghost 3.  I haven't had a lot of success with Brooks, but these actually fit well, even with my orthotic.  Bonus points for the shoe not being Easter egg colors.  It's a neutral shoe, but I completely forgot to ask if they had any neutral cushioned shoes in the bunch. My first impressions are that these feel good in the heel, and there's plenty of room in the toe box.  These aren't as cushy as the Pearl Izumi Cruise I've been wearing, but they feel comfortable enough.  We'll see how they do once I start running again, hopefully in a couple of weeks.  Before they released these shoes to me I had to run about 25 feet for their shoe expert.  That's the first time I've really run since March 13 this year.  I was reluctant, and told the guy about my ailments, but he said the shoe was a good match for me, even though he could see that my left foot wasn't right.  The review comes out in the September 2010 Runner's World Magazine.   We'll see if they use my two cents.

Florence was my grandma.

Speaking of shoes, just about everyone wanted to know about the Fit Flops. Theses are super comfortable and I am considering purchasing another pair with less bling.  Gold sequins don't do well in the garden mud, however, if I get lost in my backyard I suppose I can wave one of my shoes at an overhead airplane.  I can wear them all day without the broken foot hurting, mostly because of the thick, but light sole.  From the exercise standpoint of the shoes, I really can't tell much of a difference there.  I suppose if I never worked out or never have run before I might notice a difference.  Hubs now calls them my Princess Jasmine shoes. I think I've heard enough derriere comments to last me a while, thankyouverymuch.  The next pair I purchase will definitely be more earthy or neutral in color.  Size wise, I wear a 6 1/2 (USA) in regular shoes, but these come only in even sizes.  The size 6 fit me well.

Mother's day came and went.  We don't celebrate Mother's Day in a big way.  In the early years we've had the big Mother's Day brunches out or the big to do dinner at someone's house, usually my mother in law's house.  For several reasons, I've just decided to opt out of the bigness of the day and keep things super simple. My little family and I went to the High Dive  for breakfast.  I didn't have to worry about getting decked out to go have breakfast. I just threw on some jeans, a blouse, my Princess Jasmine shoes, pulled my hair back in a pony tail and went.  No biggie, but it was perfect. They serve an awesome Bloody Mary, which was worth the 1/4 mile trip down the street, and equally awesome Halla (French) toast.

After breakfast and back at home, I spent the day at home, enjoying my back yard and took a few photos:
Lumpy (the tabby) insisting that he take over Cruiser's bed.  Cruiser (the black kitty) wasn't too happy, but never moved.

Renee and Evan

Oh yeah, Erik shaved his head on Friday.  He said he wanted to see what his head actually looked like.  He's never had a buzz cut, even as a kid.   It's hard to believe that this is the same person who was a "Senior Standout"  for best hair in high school.  He once looked like Slash from Guns 'n' Roses.  Seriously.

I'm a lot more mobile, but the foot is still rather sensitive.  With less than a month until the (now) half marathon, this sensitive foot still concerns me.  I've been trying to exercise within reason, but it still isn't enough to constitute any type of running or even simulated running.  I honestly didn't think I'd be out so long.  It was is one heck of a broken bone.  I go back to orthopedics next Tuesday.  This is getting old.

Thursday's Song:
Miles In These Shoes - Jennifer Lopez


 In loving memory.  My mom,  Gloria January 4, 1929 - March 1, 1986

*They also had Saucony, K Swiss, Mizunos, Puma, and a few others.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

Miles In These Shoes

I'm still busy not running.

Yesterday I attended an outing with my office gang. It seemed fitting that we would have dinner at PF Changs for Oriental-ish cuisine, seeing how it was Cinco De Mayo.* Actually, it was a birthday/good-bye party for a coworker, and PF Chang's was her choice since she can easily navigate around the menu with her allergies -- Mexican cuisine, not so much, especially if it's typical tourist food. Since I work on call and haven't been needed lately, it was a grand opportunity to catch up with everyone as best as possible.** Long tables don't lend to conversation with everyone, just with the people across or to the sides. I still had a wonderful time listening to coworkers plans for the summer and filled them in about my fun at Costco and a broken foot.

Since PF Chang's is at a mall, after dinner I visited Macy's to check out some Fit Flops. They have a thick sole and are relatively light, and they would beat wearing that blue boot with the velcro or the Frankenstein boot. Don't tell my doctor. They had quite a selection of Fit Flops, just not in my size. I did find one pair. This is what I ended up with:


Yep. White with gold sequins. Not quite my style, but they beat the ortho boots, hands down. I was kind of looking for something neutral that I could wear in the garden and not worry too much if they got dirty. They're actually not too bad, and with a pair of jeans they're not all that glitzy. Too bad they weren't red sequins and then I could of had a Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz moment.

There's no place like home, or nothing like being injury free.

I wore the Fit Flops home. Hubs noticed them right away and said, "are those the shoes that make your ass big?" I responded with,"no, they're supposed to make it tight." He came back with, "yeah, make your ass big." *GAH!* He's an ass man. What else is there to say? Any way, the Fit Flops are very comfortable and do not bother my messed up foot. As far as the workout aspect of these shoes, I really can't tell much of a difference. Time will tell, I suppose.

My next doctor's appointment is in two weeks. I better see some progress on those x-rays, or I'm really going to have a moment in the doctor's office, and not a good moment. I am so over this.

Yesterday' Song:
Shine Through - Elton John


*Cinco De Mayo really isn't a true Mexican holiday, but it sure is a good excuse for a damn good party.

It makes me miss being at the office on a more regular basis. I keep checking to see if they need me, but they have been fortunate with a solid group of people. There was a time that I was called in just about every other week because someone would flake out and not show up for work, quit without notice, or be so inept that they would be asked to leave. Some people just don't live up to their resumes.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Shine Through

Yesterday's Song:
Waiting In The Weeds - The Eagles - Katiefeldmom


Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Waiting In The Weeds


I set foot in Trader Joe's. I was guarding my foot so no one would step on it or ride over it with their carts, but TJ's has dinky little shopping carts and most of their wares and food items aren't that heavy, and there was nothing to worry about. I did go sans ortho-boot so I could wear my new orthotics. Sure, this really isn't earth shattering news, but I haven't really gone to the store since the Costco incident. I did go to Target once, but with that ortho-boot, and my ankle hurt something fierce afterward, and it's not my ankle that was injured. This time was rather uneventful, other than the timing, which was when hoards of college and high school students began to take their lunch breaks.

My skin IS breaking out in a itchy rash around the nape of my neck and around my left collar bone. I can't figure this one out, so it's back to selective food elimination. I can't think of what's causing the itchiness, since I haven't tried anything new with food, soaps, lotions, etc., or have done anything differently, but I've found that allergies come and go. Now I get to play food detective.

Gardening is in swing, and I should have a full garden in about a month. Snails or gophers ate some of my marigolds and zinnia seedlings, and I'm having to start all over with those. I knocked out some tall weeds and tilled a large section of the garden area by myself*. My vegetable seedlings are still separate, as I started those in small pots and used K-Cups. Those are doing well, so far. Corn was a bust, as none of the seeds germinated, but the seeds were from last year's seed batch. I'll start over with a new corn seed packet in about a week. Planted in the garden area are a row of strawberries transplanted from another section in the yard - last year's plantings, rosemary, jalapenos and poblano chilies.

Some of my babies.

I enjoy gardening, but I just don't get the same adrenaline rush from gardening as I do from running. Unless I'm tearing up soil with a hoe and pick ax, there's no adrenaline. Gardening tends to be a "Zen" type of thing, and I suppose it can be therapeutic and calming, but I need my running fix. I've also realized that I put all of my eggs in one basket with the running. Many people have suggested triathlons, but I'm not quite at that point in my head. I have the ability, I'm just need to be 100% on board with the idea, and I'm not right now. Maybe later. I need to figure out some sort of activity that gives me the same rush that running does, which does not require feet.

The San Diego Rock 'N' Roll Marathon/Half Marathon is looming with about one more month to go. Hubs did an 18 miler last weekend, but has just discovered that he has plantar fasciitis. I have to get on him about stretching and icing the foot, since he complains about it, but does nothing to remedy the situation. He's thinking about switching over to the half marathon. I'm encouraging him to stick with the whole. He's put in the miles already. I'm (mentally) set for the half. It concerns me that I haven't been able to do ANY training, but it will be around that time when I'll be able to at least walk/jog 13.1 miles. Unless there's some miracle, it will be my slowest half marathon ever, but I'm OK with that. Just being able to participate makes me very happy.

Thursday's Song:
Stuck In A Moment You Can't Get Out Of - U2 - Run-DMZ


May the 4th be with you!

The dog supervised.