Sunday, September 26, 2010

It Happens

I received almost ALL of my lab results back.  I'm still waiting to do the pulmonary tests in a few days.  Nothing unusual showed up which would explain my fatigue, but I was sort of stunned to see that my cholesterol was borderline high.  I exercise and run on a regular basis. My weight and BMI are within a normal range for my height. I eat really healthy 5 to 6 days a week, with a couple of splurges during the week, usually Thursday date night with Hubs and maybe a one meal splurge with breakfast or dinner on Saturday or Sunday.  I rarely eat foods that would cause my cholesterol to be high, and I eat a lot of foods that are supposed to help it stay low.  I'm perplexed, but genetics is a funny thing.

Saturday morning's group run with Rehab United turned out to be just Hubs and myself.  Everyone else had other plans or run events.  We ran from the RU 2 location near Sorrento Valley Road to the Coast Highway near Torrey Pines State Park and back.  Hubs has never run this route before and I needed to slow my pace so that he could keep me in sight, but it was just as well because of my shin splints.  We ran about 5 miles. Lucy says it was 4.9, but I forgot to hit the start button when we set out.

The novelty for the morning was sun.  All summer our runs have been with overcast skies.  We haven't had much of a Summer this year, and it figures that we're a few days into fall and we get hit with hot weather.  It was inching into the 80s by the time we were finished with our run.  I managed to get a decent photo of this stretch of run along the coast with my cell phone camera:

I almost forgot what clear skies looked like! It was gorgeous.
Here comes Hubs. He's wearing a blue shirt, almost in the center of the picture.

Just so you know, shin splints still suck. Shin splints make it hard to achieve runner's high.

My son turned 23 on Wednesday.  He didn't want a big to-do because he was volunteering at the food bank.  I made him chicken enchiladas with all the trimmings, which he later ate, and we still had a cake with candles and sang  "Happy Birthday To You" because we just HAD to.  Hubs made margaritas because I said he had to, and, well, why not?


Also on Wednesday, Evan came home from school with a different smile. It turns out one of his buddies at school assisted him by pulling out his dangle-y tooth.

I'm surprised Evan let his buddy pull out the tooth since he didn't let any of us near it.

A friend of ours, Tim,  is temporarily in town to say goodbye to his father who passed away last week.  I met Tim a zillion years ago at a church group function while in high school.  We dated for a few months until he thought he found the love of his life* and dumped me. It's just as well because Tim was a lousy boyfriend, but turned out to be a good friend, and I met Hubs through him.  Saturday afternoon we attended  a "Celebration of Life" for Tim's father instead of a funeral.  It was actually quite lovely.  Family and friends met at Tim's parent's house, and three military (Navy) personnel were there to present the flag and play taps. Tim,  his brother, and sister-in-law each said a few heartfelt words about their father, then we proceeded into the house for a reception, and to reminisce while viewing a slide show of happier times.  We were also able to catch up with friends from the past, such as the lady (who was the girl) Tim dumped me for, and other mutual friends. It was somewhat of a walk down memory lane.  It was a bittersweet event, not only because of the passing of Tim's father, but because his mother attended and is dealing with the latter stages of Alzheimer's disease.  It was the first time she had been back to the house in a few years, and will be the last because the house will be sold. It's hard to let go, sometimes, but there are always the memories.

Tuesday's Song:
Push - Matchbox Twenty


*She ended up dumping Tim for someone else and got married.  ;) ... and everyone sort of lived happily ever after.  Tim now resides in Texas and is happily married to his  lovely wife Kristi, and has two teen-aged children. Tim's family could not make the trip from Texas.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Wow.  I have a moment.   I can get in some blogging...

I did see the doctor last week for the fatigue I've been dealing with.  He ordered  fasted blood tests (thyroid, iron, vitamin D, adrenals, celiac panels, B 12, etc) and a pulmonary function test.  The fasted blood tests are done, and now I'm just waiting on my appointment for the pulmonary tests.  He also put me on a steroid inhaler (Qvar) in hopes that will help open up my lungs more, and to see if that helps lessen the fatigue. 

I started working out with a group on Thursday evenings with Rehab United. Last Thursday we did endurance testing.  Last year I kicked bootay.  This year...  um, not so much.  Most of my numbers were cut in half.  I couldn't do nearly the same number of push ups and pull ups I could do last year.  The fatigue has really taken it's toll on me. I guess the good thing is that I now have a new baseline to start with, and I know I can get it back if I just keep pushing through -- at least I hope it works out that way.   The only thing that looked half way decent was my timed mile.  We were supposed to run one mile as hard and fast as possible.  I was timed at about 7:15 for that mile, but I think that's wrong.  We run around the complex where RU is located, which is just under 400 meters by several feet.  We ran 4 times around the complex, and I know that's just short of a mile.  I'm guessing that my  mile is more like 7:45 or 8:00.  It's certainly possible that I could run 7:15 for just one mile if I'm busting out some speed, but I wasn't, except for maybe the last 100 yards or so. I didn't have my Garmin with me, so I couldn't check exact time or distance.  The good part about working out on Thursdays is that I'm with people I already know from last year's group, and they're a lot of fun.

The last time I ran was Saturday morning with the Rehab United group.  The plan was a 40 minute, time on your feet run. Most of the people who showed up ran about my pace or under, which is unheard of.  Last year I was the slow-poke of the group since most everyone's slow pace was an 8 minute mile.  (Yeah, yeah, speed is all relative, but when you're shooting for an 10 or 11 minute mile for a long run, there's a lot of waiting around involved on their parts.)  Our fearless leader, Justin, and his girl friend were the speedy ones -- probably in the mid 7s, low 8s.  I  held an average 9:30 m/m for  the 4.4 miles I ran, but I just couldn't push harder than that due to my ongoing issue with shin splints and fatigue.  I should be able to hold around a 9 minute mile with ease. I was a little frustrated, but glad I was able to hold my own without going any slower.  I was able to pace with my friend Renata, and I think having her just slightly ahead of me kept me from slowing. Renata and I came in ahead of the group, which was a novelty to me.  I'm NEVER at the head of any running group when it comes to speed.  (This year several people are opting out of the Las Vegas trip due to the expense, and a lot of those people were MUCH faster than me.) Everyone else came in just after us, so it's not like we were channeling our inner Kenyans - we were just pushing through as best as possible.  As for my left shin, it was not too happy with me.  I even wore compression socks, which helped tremendously, but still not a fix for my screaming shin.

I booked air fare and a room for the Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon. I was planning to register for the half marathon on line, but the processing fee is $11.00. That's just ridiculous. I thought I'd be able to use my $10.00 discount code, but that processing fee negates the discount. I'll sign up the old fashioned way, with pen and paper and no processing fee, AND a $10.00 discount through Rehab United.

Just in case, if you're planning to run Las Vegas, a lot of the hotel web sites say they're sold out for that Saturday. Call the toll free number and ask for group reservations. I was able to book a room at Luxor that way, even though the site said it was sold out.

My sister and her husband were in town last weekend. They are so happy to be back in California, and the job transfer has been smooth. They stayed in Coronado at the Glorietta Bay Inn and we were able to share dinner with them. We (sort of) celebrated my brother-in-law's birthday. Long story short ... BUT, He was constantly joking around with our server, so she brought out a huge slice of mud pie  -- on the house. Hubs suggested a candle for the mud pie because it WAS (supposedly) my brother-in-law's birthday. Not really, his birthday was in July, but since there was a mud pie, it only seemed fitting that someone was sung to.

We were all laughing, not only because it wasn't his birthday, but because the people at the adjacent tables were singing, too. The server was a really good sport.  PS: That's my sister on the right side.

Monday's Song:
I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More - Barry White


Sunday, September 19, 2010

I'm Gonna Love You Just a Little More

I stole this from Stacey's Blog - Muscle and the City

Ressurected Runner

I'll update soon...  Running and workouts are continuing -- I'm still chugging along.

Tuesday's Song:
I Shall Believe - Sheryl Crow


Tuesday, September 14, 2010

I Shall Believe

I was hoping that with the start of school would mean time to catch up on blogging and checking in more regularly, but it hasn't quite worked out that way. I don't know whose idea it was to have school start the day after Labor Day, but it always makes for a very short and busy week.

Right after Labor Day, Hubs and I went to see Sheryl Crow in concert at Humphreys.  Most of the songs were from her new CD "100 Miles From Memphis, " but several of her well known hits were scattered through out the show.  The encore included her hit "All I Wanna Do" and a Michael Jackson tribute "I Want You Back."  She puts on a great show and we were in awe of her extremely talented band and back-up singers. Hubs is more of the Sheryl Crow fan than I am, but I had a lot of fun, too.

4th row, center.  
Hubs snapped this photo. 

Sheryl Crow is super fit, by the way.  She has some serious muscles, and looked fabulous.  You can't fake a healthy lifestyle, that's for sure.

I hooked up with Rehab United to train for the Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in December. I missed the first group strength training class because I had prior plans, but I made it to the first group run. There were only 7 of us for a 30 minute run, but several people were participating in other running and sporting events. We should see more people this weekend. I ran about 3.2  miles, but it felt like a lot more.

Running isn't as effortless as it should be these days.  I just can't fight the fatigue I've been dealing with all summer. I'd have a glimmer of energy for a day or two, but it doesn't last.  It's not like I haven't been running, I would do at least 4 to 6 miles for most of my Saturday runs while concentrating on building speed, plus do some high intensity interval training on the treadmill gym during the week, run at the bay or my neighborhood once or twice a week, and fit in a weekly session at RU. I believe this is something other than just a case of feeling burnt out and is not psychosomatic.  On top of the fatigue I've been dealing with a ridiculous case of shin splints in my left inner shin. Newbies get shin splints from wrong shoes, running too fast, far, too soon. I'm far from newbie status, but the shin splints started (a few weeks ago) when I was wearing heels, and would sort of go away after I warmed up while running. Now the shin is just constantly reminding me that it's there, warmed up or not. I'm doing all the stretches that I'm supposed to do, massaging it with the stick, plus ice. I even backed off running a bit last week. I'm not sure if the shin splint is a result of the fatigue I've been dealing with, but I have plans to call the doctor this week.  Good times.

In other news,  I just found out that I'm going to be a great aunt!  My niece is expecting her first baby in early December.  I'm not sure why things were kept secret for so long, but we're all excited.  My grandson is excited to finally have another kid in the family.

Wednesday's Song:
Be True To Your School - The Beach Boys - Run-DMZ


Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Be True To Your School

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Bulletproof - La Roux


Monday, September 06, 2010


Bullet Point Post*

  • Check out this giveaway over at Miss Zippy's blog for Sugoi compression pants.
  • The dog was (sort of) skunked (again.)  This time it was in our sun room.  We had to take everything out, hose it off, scrub it, bleach it, etc, then put it all back.  We may have to paint that room.
  • I signed up for the Shelter Island 5k on November 7, 2010,  The Carlsbad Half Marathon  on January 23, 2011,  and the La Jolla Half Marathon on April 17, 2011.   Also under consideration are  the Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon 2010 and the AFC Half Marathon 2011.
  • I found ound a new running song, "Wheels" by Heart on their Red Velvet Car CD.
"Rain is humming 
The streets are running 
Underneath the neon lights. 
We run together 
We'll run forever 
Out of here 
Riding the wheels."
  • My sister and husband moved back to California this week. They now reside in Los Angeles and are so happy to be back in the state.
  • Concert in my kitchen last night:

  • Went running with Hubs:

A quiet morning at Hospitality Point.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought people, not cars, had the right of way on sidewalks. While running in my neighborhood last week I came justthisclose to getting hit by a car  on a sidwalk.  I was running on the sidewalk on a busy stretch of street  -- I figured it was safer.  The gentleman** who came to a screeching halt with in about 12 inches of me never once waved to acknowledge me or say he was sorry.  Not only do I have to watch for stray dogs, other people (runners, cyclists, weirdos, etc), cars on the street, cars backing up out of driveways, wild animals (they're out there, even in the suburbs),  uneven/cracked pavement, weird noises, etc, now I have to add cars driving on sidewalks to that list.  That mile was my fastest split because I was so shaken and it took a while to calm down.  I didn't wear my heart rate monitor that day, but I'm sure my heart rate would have been through the roof.  I guess you can never be too safe.
  • Remember that contest my nephew entered to win a spot as a candidate for job in advertising in New York? He didn't win the popularity vote, however, he's a strong contender as a finalist. Apparently, the advertising firm knew about my nephew before the contest, and in a good way. PS: He did get a job at a small firm in San Francisco.
  • Happy Labor Day!

Wednesday's Song:
In The Colors - Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals


*Unfinished business -- This was supposed to be a real post with one or two particular topics, not several.  My time for myself last week was interrupted, but for good things.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

In The Colors

Monday's Song:

August's Rhapsody - August Rush