Saturday, July 30, 2005


It's time for a family vacation once again... We're all flying to Chicago to visit my sister & family and play tourist for a week. It should be fun because we've never really been through Chicago before (and the airport does not count.) I've been hearing how hot it is there so I hope I'm able to go running at some point. Of course, there is always the gym, and I can use my membership out there. I'm just concerned about the eating part because I'm getting rid of the post marathon weight and I'm somewhat stable right now, plus I'm gaining muscle. I just want to be in control of my eating and drinking over the vacation and stick to my free meal plans of Sunday dinner and Thursday lunch or dinner. We'll see how it goes. My goal for this trip is to not loose any ground I've made thus far. I've been working out with weights consistently at the gym, and only a couple of times I had to stay home with resistance bands. I've been running at least 4 miles at a time on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Saturdays or Sundays, and keeping my time anywhere between 38 and 41 minutes for the 4 miles. I did have one really off day and did about 43 minutes for 4 miles. My goal is to run 4 miles in under 38 minutes, even if it's 37:59... Having bouts of asthma has thrown me off, and I know it's a seasonal thing. The running doesn't bring it on as I'm already dealing with controlling my breathing before I even set foot in the gym. As for the knee pain management, that's going well, in part to all the suppliments I take and cutting back on my running, since marathon training is over for now.

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Week 6

I just now looked at the canender and realize that I'm already at week 6 in my BFL challenge. Wow, that went fast. I'm officially down about 2 pounds since the start of this challenge, but down an over all total of 7 pounds since marathon day. I'm fitting into my skinny shorts this week WITHOUT having to suck in my tummy. Not sure of my body fat percentages yet, perhaps I'll do those next week... I know that number has dropped. I'm still doing HIIT cardio on the treadmill, averaging about 4 miles inbetween 38 and 39 minutes. I'd like to get 4 miles in under 38 minutes. There's a 4 mile walk/run event at the end of August that I'm thinking about doing. The fees are only $20 to sign up. It's the annual Moondoggies walk/run, which goes from La Jolla to Pacific Beach. I'm up for it. Just need to see if Michael is.

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

My Uncle Ron

It has been busy since the 4th of July. My uncle Ron passed away. He was a very cool guy and did a lot of great things in his life. He taught middle school and after retirement he traveled all over the world. He was also an avid skier and had many, many friends. This is an older photo of him but it shows his great smile. I was able to spend some time with him more recently and we chatted about the marathon. I was glad that he got to know me as an adult, instead of knowing me as the little 9 year old girl he knew when he accompanied my family on camping trips. He will be missed.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Are You Sure???

I ran in the Annual Coronado 5k-15K on the 4th of July . This is the 3rd time we've participated in this particular 5k event. I wasn't expecting much, just to enjoy the run. I ran my slowest 5k time ever, with a 9:03 minute mile pace, and I was good with that. Just for chuckles, we went to take a peek at the results that were being posted. Michael found mine right away. It said I placed 2nd out of 40in my age group, 248 over all ... I kept asking him "Are you sure???" I'm so stoked and in disbelief at the same time. I guess being bumped up to the higher age group changed things a little. Who knew? They didn't award medals but I did receive a nice polo shirt that says Coronado 5k-15K Event Winner on it. We also watched some of the 15k runners come in, or I shoud say speed in. The top 3 finishers were incredible to watch, who were all men, but the women top three were equally phenomenal to watch. On the flip side, it was quite inspirational to watch the final particpant of the 5k finish the race. She was a woman with a walker... Now if that isn't inspirational I don't know what is!

Sunday, July 03, 2005

5k on the 4th

Michael and I are going to wake up early and participate in the 31st Annual Coronado Independence Day 15K run 5k Run/Walk. We're doing the 5K. I'm still not quite up to speed, as my last 4 miler averaged just over a 9 minute mile. I'm okay with that... We're going to have fun anyway. I know this won't be my personal best but we needed to get back on the running bandwagon... I've been averaging about a 15 miles a week now, and hope to keep that going for a while, I just want to build up a little more speed, provided that my knees will let me. Being back at weight training is really kicking my butt... I've really lost tone but I hope to get that back in due time. I finally posted my before pictures on Muscletank. I'm not as bad as I perceived myself, but I do have plenty to work on...