Thursday, March 20, 2008

Put Your Hands In The Hand


I rarely go for manicures and pedicures anymore, especially with the tremendous amount of house remodel projects and weekend yard work. My hands and nails were looking rather sorry, so I made my way to the local nail salon. I normally do not visit the particular salon I went to, but I like their products and my manicures/pedicures last a little longer. The last time I went into that salon was right after last year's Rock 'N' Roll marathon. Since I wanted the works at that time, they didn't try to sell me on any extras. This time I asked for the basic, no extras. They wanted to sell me all kinds of treatments. I just wanted my toes to look pretty without taking off any callouses right now because of all the running mileage I'm putting in. I don't want to start from scratch and have to deal with blisters. Even while I was being worked on, they kept pushing for extra special treatments, lotions, scrubs, waxes, you name it. I just kept saying no. Granted, feet are kind of weird to begin with, and runner's feet take a beating. I just wanted my toe nails prettied up and painted, and this presbyopic person needs help just seeing her toes... I often miss where I put the polish when I do my own pedicures and manicures since my near vision isn't what it used to be, even with glasses ... It's easier to have someone else do it. One lady did the pedicure, then someone else did the manicure and did the hard sell for the extra treatments. Ugh. I'm not buying a car, I'm having my toe and finger nails cleaned up and painted. That's it! Perhaps the manicurists get a bonus for all the extras? I dunno. What should have been relaxing was somewhat stressful because I kept having to say no. I'm not quite sure what was being said about me since most of the employees there spoke Vietnamese. I kind of felt like Elaine in an episode of Seinfeld. They did do a decent job, and the manicure and pedicure has lasted for more than a day, so that's good, (I've had some peel off with in hours) but I will only return to that particular establishment if I have the intentions of having the works.
Yesterday's song:
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Anne said...

It's a shame going for some pampering can be so stressful. Your picture is perfect for this post, as is the gospel song title. I don't know who recorded it since I've usually heard it live in concert or at church.

barbie2be said...


i hate that hard sell... i had a pedi the night before my surgery becaue i didn't want anyone seeing my disgusting feel. there is a place right by my house that does a great job. for $23 bucks you get the works. including hot rock warm lotion massage and parafin wrap. but they never seem to get my feet all the way smooth. i think the callouses are just too big. :(

Irene said...

I worked in retail so long that the hard sell really turns me off... Gotta love Photobucket for all those crazy pictures! So many people did that song, plus, as you've said, it's often heard at church. Winner!

Too bad your place isn't close enough for me to go there! That's a bargain! Winner, too!

Indygirl said...

Wow. Sorry they were so irritating. It's so hard to find a good place.