Saturday, March 01, 2008

Move Along

Activity: Run
Date: 03/01/08 06:58 AM
Distance: 9.47 miles
Time: 1:25:11 PR
Speed: 6.7 mph
Pace: 8' 59 min/mile
Calories: 902

Today was the Sue Krenn 15K. The weather was overcast and a little drizzly. I used my BiM wireless run tracker GPS and remembered to charge it last night. I forgot to wear my stop watch, just to keep track of my minute/mile as I ran, but sometimes ignorance is bliss. This was not a chipped run, so my times are a little higher, and not so accurate, plus I turned off my GPS after I ran through the finishing chute, and that added time. The event time-keepers had me at 1:25:12, a new personal record. That still puts me over 6 minutes faster than last year. I was kind of surprised because it was cool out this morning and my legs felt like lead for the first two miles, which were actually my fastest miles of this run. The times aren't posted on the website yet, but results were posted at the event. I came in 9th out of something like 20 in my age group. There's some phenomenally speedy women in my age group. Oh, and before I forget, all the women finishers received a rose.

This event is also very grass-roots and has no corporate sponsors. They rely heavily on the kindness of volunteers. We did not receive race T-shirts today. Since the track club was already signed up for this run, we did not have the option to pre-purchase a race T. I had to order one today. This year's T shirt is red and black, which is my husband's favorite color combo. Of course, it has "No Wussies" on it.

I almost forgot to mention that this is the event where I met Anne last year! I swear I didn't forget and it is worth mentioning because, if it weren't for Anne, I probably would not have joined the SDTC!

My husband did OK but cramped up around mile 4. He met a bunch of guys who helped him through this cramping episode, and they all run/walk like my husband does, so he felt, for the first time, like he belonged some place in the group, and not alone in the back-of-the-pack group.

For March, my fitness goals are still the same until June, so there's not much to update there. My morning weight is stable and I hope to keep it that way until the marathon. I'm prone to weight gain while marathon training. Non-fitness goals will include getting back into the creative mode again. I'm attempting my hand at making my own athletic wear, and see if it's worth the effort. I also want to get my art-brain back. I want to feel as passionate about it as I did when I was in college.

Yesterday's song:
Thank God It's Friday - R. Kelly



Anne said...

All-American Rejects!

Great seeing you out there today, Irene. And, again: "Happy Anniversary!" (ha ha).

barbie2be said...

great run today!

smartypantz32 said...

Congrats on the new record!

Sunshine said...

Weight gain while training is tough to prevent, I think.

Irene said...

Winner! It was fun seeing you there!


Thanks. It felt good to see the improvement!

Thanks. I'm hoping that the weight gain will be at a minimum this year. The first year I ran a marathon I gained around 10 pounds. Each year it has been less.