Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Old Man

Photo - Our old man cat, Cruiser. He's about 16 years old. We adopted him as a kitten when my son 4 years old. My son will be 21 this year.

Yesterday's Song:
Push It - Salt 'n' Pepa - Barbie2be



leslie said...

Neil Young, baby!
Cool cat. And I'm not a cat person.

barbie2be said...

what a handsome boy you have got there. roommate L has got two all black cats. they are both boys but are named katharine and doris.

that's a long story....

Irene said...

Cruiser is a sweet and gentle cat. He's the only cat that will snuggle up to my grandson. Neil Young is right!!! Winner!!!

That kitty has been around the block a few times and back. He's a gentle soul so he is more likely to get beat up, and has been. Doris and Katherine? Some day we'll have to know the story!