Monday, March 31, 2008

Not The Doctor

I've been dealing with asthma for a while now, and the back spasms and more recently the breathing difficulties have really gotten to me. I did find some relief from my chiropractor, but I thought it was time to get checked out by my general practitioner, and see about upgrading my asthma meds. The current meds get me too amped, then I quickly crash and burn, and I don't like that feeling. Coffee usually does the trick for me, with out the crash and burn, but it doesn't always work, especially if breathing becomes more difficult.

My insurance is through Kaiser, so I see who ever is on the schedule. I only get to see my personal GP (who I like) if something serious is going on OR if I get lucky. Sometimes I get lucky and I'm assigned to a great new doc on duty who really listens,as I did when I was diagnosed with arthritis. I was not lucky today. The Dr assigned to me did not once ask about my life style, what meds or supps I'm currently taking, and so on. I did volunteer that there are a couple of meds that disagree with me and that I have asthma/back spasms right now. He listened to my lungs and looked in my ears and nose, asked me where my back hurts, checked my arms for range of motion, and that was it. He totally blew me off to anything I said and wrote a prescription for the two meds I can't take plus three other things. I even went as far as telling him what meds I could take that are similar. He didn't listen. He was too concerned with entering his information in the computer. I kind of felt like I wasn't even present at my own appointment. When I went down to the pharmacy to pick up my 'scripts, even the pharmacist that was sent out to talked to me was perplexed. I did refuse two of the meds, and the pharmacist pretty much backed me up. GAH! Basically the meds that I did get were band-aid fixes for the symptoms, not really a treatment. Since I was there at the pharmacy, I did pick up a bottle of Arthritis Formula Tylenol since I was out, and the pharmacist said THAT was better for my needs than the stuff the Dr wanted to prescribe to me. I guess I am spoiled by working with doctors who do have a fantastic way with their patients. They ASK a ton of questions pertaining to lifestyle and health issues, they always ask what medications and supplements a patient is currently taking, plus they are personable and LISTEN to their patients.

Things do get a little better, though...

On the way home from my time at the medical clinic, this young guy in an older style, souped up BMW was completely checking me out as we were driving next to each other and at the traffic lights. I don't even know how to react to stuff like that anymore. I'm probably old enough to be the guy's mother, for all I know. Perhaps it's because I drive a Jetta, a car that you see people younger than myself drive? Maybe he thought I was his mom? Maybe he just liked my car? I dunno. I had my giant sunglasses on, so my face was pretty well covered. It was weird, but in a good way, and it made up for the jerk of a doctor I had today. So, thank you, guy in the BMW, even if you were just looking at my car.

Yesterday's Song:
Modern Nature - Sondre Lerche



Backofpack said...

Docs that won't listen drive me nuts. It's a bummer that you didn't get what you need today. I have pretty good luck with my provider, thank goodness, though the choices are kind of limited.

I'm sure the guy was checking you out - I imagine he was so taken by your beauty and verve that he didn't notice age at all. And if he noticed your car, it was only because it exemplified your good taste!

barbie2be said...


see, that is one of the many reasons why i would never have kaiser again. well, that and the fact that they tried to kill me on three separate occasions.

coincidentally, i had my annual check up with my asthma and allergy doc this mornng.

he actually had notes in my charts from my primary care doc, my hematologist (from my appointment that was just last week), my ENT and the surgeon that did my gall bladder surgery.

he knew all my meds and really seemed to listen and ask the right questions.

and yay for me, i am graduating from every week on my shots to every two weeks! yippee!

NotSoccer Mom said...

irene, that's really a bummer about the doc. kaiser sucks. however, doncha love it when the younger dudes check you out!

barbie, that's great news!!!

Irene said...

It's either hit or miss with Kaiser. For every wonderful doc I've had, there's 3 that aren't so wonderful. Thanks for thinking that the guy was checking me out. :)

Oh, I have stories, too. Then I'll have a doc who puts my faith back in the system. I keep wanting to check out other insurances but we've had Kaiser forever. Perhaps it is time to check around. I don't like being pushed aside like I don't know my own health history. Wooohooo! That's great news about the shots!

Yeah, sometimes it really does suck, but they did come through for my son a couple of times, and in a big way. I wish they were on the ball ALL of the time! Nothing wrong with a cute guy in a cool car taking a look! ;)