Saturday, March 29, 2008

One More Cup Of Coffee

My husband went on the run with the track club today. He explained that they began the run in their usual spot at Hospitality Point, but they went north, towards La Jolla and back to Hospitality Point to finish. I decided earlier in the week that I would not attend today's run. I'm having all kinds of shoulder and back issues brought on by asthma. I'm setting an appointment with my GP for Monday so I can get a new Rx for an inhaler or SOMETHING. Not being able to breathe properly makes for a tight upper back/shoulders and unnecessary fatigue. Strong, hot coffee usually does the trick for me - in diverting the asthma, but today it didn't work so well. My left quad is still a little sore, and that's actually not so bad, but I also felt that if I ran the 14 miles that was scheduled today I might risk injury to the quad. This time I took the advice I often give others and rested.

It's not looking so good for my chances of running in the Nike Women's Half Marathon. Several people noticed their credit cards were charged to the event and also it showed up on their account. There was no charge on my credit card account for the event, nor was there any new information on my account, where I signed up. I suppose I have until April 1 to learn my fate. I'll be greatly dissapointed if I don't get in. Right now I'm not counting on being in.

Things aren't totally gloomy in my little world. I managed to purchase 4 tickets to see/hear Robert Plant with Allison Krauss at Humphrey's on June 30, 2008. Tickets went on sale this morning at 10 am, and we did get decent seats. I was going for the cheaper seats but those were already sold out! We managed to get into the front section, a few rows back, so that's pretty sweet right there, plus we bought the dinner package. It wasn't cheap but we don't go to a lot of concerts, either. We've seen Robert Plant in concert before, but the venue was huge. Robert Plant was just a small figure on a large stage from where we were seated. Humphrey's is much more intimate. I'm very much looking forward to this concert.

Yesterday's song:
All I Really Want - Alanis Moresette



KatieFeldmom said...

I'm not giving up hope .... fingers are still crossed.

asthma said...

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barbie2be said...

i've still got my fingers crossed for you to get in.

i can't imagine prbert plant and alison krause together... it just seems like such an odd combination. maybe i have just listened to too much AK and Union Station.

dylan or white stripes?

Melissa said...

OH I hope you get in! Fingers crossed here too! What a cool race to be in... I'm so curious, how many races have you done now? You're my running idol ;)

I absolutely love Allison Krauss...such a beautiful voice. You'll have to post all about the concert.

Irene said...

Thanks! I keep hoping, too...

Asthma person,
Knowledge is everything. I've seen this site before and it's greatly appreciated. Thank you.

A lady at the track club told me to check my credit card statement on line, but nothing was there for me! There's still a chance it may still show up by the first! I'm glad you got in! AK abd RP have an album together. Winner!

Hi there! Thanks for visiting!!! I so hope I get in, too! Last year I did about 14 races, total, I'd have to go back and count, but I think it's just under 30.