Sunday, February 03, 2008


I'm still amazed by some of the sunsets we've seen since living at this house. This one was from yesterday, just from my back yard. The tree in the foreground is a Bauhinia, not in bloom right now. It's really hard to capture the wide spectrum of colors of the sunset on camera. I will forever be in awe of the sunset, and always scramble to get out the camera to capture the multi-colored sky.

Yesterday's Song:
Super Rad - The Aquabats - Barbie2be



leslie said...

The Beatles!
(What are you doing posting in the middle of the night?)

Donna said...

That sunset is beautiful! You take the best pictures.

Backofpack said...

Wow, that is awesome!

KatieFeldmom said...

I love sunsets!!!
Way to go on your run yesterday!!!

Pamela said...

Wow gorgeous! & yes ...Yay you!

Irene said...

Winner! Middle of the night? It was around 9 pm.

Thanks so much! It's kind of hard to take pics from my back yard because of the electrical lines and poles.

Thanks! It was awesome.

The colors always amaze me. I'm feeling DOMS from that run!

Thanks and thanks!