Saturday, February 02, 2008

Super Rad

Today was the first event my husband and I ran in this year. We ran in the Super Run 5k-10k. We arrived at the crack of dawn just to retreive our race numbers, then sat in the car on our heated seats until it was time to warm up and stretch with the track club. (I love that heated seats now come as a standard option on most cars!) I met Cindy, the map maker for the track club, and found Mary Sue who I ran with in the UT Race for literacy 8K and the Balboa Park 8 mile run. It's always great to see familiar faces in a sea of so many people. I was anticipating finishing this race somewhere between 57 and 58 minutes. I've never run in a 10K race before, but I've run the 10K distance many times over, as a part of my training runs for marathons past. My times for those past runs were usually about an hour and change. I guess racing changes the whole mentality. Here's my results:

414 IRENE M 48 125 7/28 F San Diego 55:19 8:55

I'm feeling really good about a new personal record for that distance, especially at a non-chipped event. I ran through the finish line at 55:12, but I know to expect the number to be slightly higher. My husband did well at this event too:

744 MICHAEL M 49 126 55/57 M San Diego 1:09:27 11:11

This is a strong finish for him, since he usually walk/runs. He ran most of the race at his pace, except for water stops. I'm thrilled with his progress!

We didn't bring the camera today, so no pics of the run scene, but there were photographers at the event. I'll see if I can post the link to their site later on next week.

Yesterday's Song:
Somewhere A Clock Is Ticking - Snow Patrol



Dan Slagle said...


Great Job. That is a great time. I've only been running for 3 months. I am training for a 1/2 marathon in April and the Rock-N-Roll marathon in June. It looks like you're running that one too.

God Bless!

barbie2be said...

the aquabats.

great finishes for both of you!

Cathy said...

What a wonderful time Irene.
Glad you and your hubby are having such success training together.

Irene said...

Thanks for stopping by. Good luck with your marathon goal!

I wasn't sure if anyone would ge Aquabats! Winner!

Thanks Cathy! I'm feeling a bit of DOMS today, so is DH.