Tuesday, February 12, 2008

What Goes Around Comes Around

Tonight's track workout was circuit training. We ran one lap around the track and did 25 of an exercise of our choice for a total of 8 laps. I did push-ups, sit-ups and, bicep dips using the curb, and jumping jacks. My husband showed up when we were finished with the run and we were all on the infield stretching. He stayed behind to run laps. I went on home to scrape up something for dinner.

Work is going OK. I'll be working more consistently this year, instead of the sporadic schedule I've had, due the on call status. I'll be job sharing with another lady. The other lady was someone they hired just to file for a few hours, twice a week. Turns out she's actually intellegent and has really come through for us in a pinch. That probably sounds a little weird, but we've had some people come through our office who just did not live up to their resumes. Who knew we had to hire someone with a college degree to do front desk stuff?

Yesterday's song:
Gonna Make You Sweat - C & C Music Factory - Be A Good One

Dancing Broc



barbie2be said...


we have had that same problem here in my office. we have a temp in while our receptionist is on maternity leave. she is dumb as a fence post but her resume said she could practically walk on water.

KatieFeldmom said...

Irene said...

Winner! The last tech we had with us had no personality... Ugh.


Sunshine said...

I appreciated your "scaping up something for supper". Did that tonight, in fact.

simplypink said...

Good help isn't just hard to find...it's impossible to find! I can sympathize with Barbie's comment. I know people like that.

Irene said...

We ended up with left overs!

It's ridiculous. It seems like a lot of the twenty something group just does not care! I know there are a few who are responsible, but where are they???? I know they're there. My daughter is one. ;)

Anne said...

I really wish I could leave work early on Tuesdays to join you. I love the calisthetics-track sessions.