Sunday, February 17, 2008

Every Mile A Memory


About a mile into the run, that's Sande just ahead of me on the left, and Ethel, who I had just met, on the right.

Here comes Michael! He had a very solid run yesterday.

On the way back, around mile 6, still holding on.

An oasis at mile 9! A welcome sight! That's Anne in the red jacket, ready for the next thirsty runner.

Credit for the photos goes to the SDTC. I really appreciate that they take pictures at every long run because taking pictures while running is tough, unless you stop. We get to run in some wonderful areas.

As I was scrolling through the many pictures, my grandson wanted to see our pictures. He kept asking "where's your numbers?" I told him that we only get numbers when we race. This was followed by a long winded "Ohhhhhhh." Then he discovered that there were cars in the background of some of the pictures and wanted to see just those pictures. LOL. I guess cars are more exciting than photos of Mimi and Papa when you're a 4 year old boy.

After a day of rest, I'm feeling a little better, but the ol' stomach is still a little sensitive. My calves are no longer sore, and I'm guessing it was the fatigue I felt yesterday that made my calves achey for the day. I've been staying as hydrated as much as possible, hoping to rid my system of whatever it is that's making me feel so off.

Yesterday's song:
The Last Mile - Cinderella



simplypink said...

Grandson is one smart kiddo. He's 'paying attention to detail' while he's checking out the cars. ;) You could probably show him a random shot, let him look at it, take it away and he could tell you what he saw. (Like you wanted an assessment. *hehe*)

I know this song and LOVE it. It's by one of my favorites...and I saw him last fall. Dierks Bentley.

Irene said...

Heheheee... I think he's pretty smart for a little guy! He already knows more about cars than most adults I know. He was so excited about NASCAR and none of us here (at my house) are really into it!

Wow, I wasn't sure anyone would get that song! Winner!!!

Sunshine said...

Very nice pictures. (I might be especially impressed by running pictures with no snow right now.)