Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Right Place, Wrong Time

Have you ever gone to an appointment only to find out it's on another day? I almost did that today. I though I had a hair appointment this morning and rushed out of the house, passing the Jehovah's Witness ladies who were trying to save me as I hurried to get into my car, then drove about three blocks, only to find the appointment card in the center console in my car with the actual date and time ~ this Friday. The good thing is that I wasn't late for my appointment. Heh. The not so good thing is that I got up and out early, instead of slowly savoring my steamy cup of coffee while still in my pajamas and Ugg boots. It's a rainy day off. I did manage to visit the grocery store for the ingredients to make chicken enchiladas, so the drive was not a waste.

Here's my valid excuse for bad spelling, typos and bad grammar...

Lumpy always wants to cozy up with me while I'm blogging. It's hard to type when a 18 pound kitty is insistent on sitting on my lap, rubbing his face into the keyboard and kneading the fabric on my jeans.

Yesterday's song:
Running - No Doubt - Smartypantz



Miss Rachel said...

Well, at least you managed to avoid having to spend much time fighting off the Jehovah's Witnesses.

Lumpy is SO cute. He looks like my Trinka, except for being about 3 times her weight - so maybe he looks like 3 Trinkas - hee! ;-P

barbie2be said...

dr john?

i love lumpy. my moo is a svelte 9 lbs. cats are funny. notsoccer mom's adorable little girl sedona looks like she weighs able 15 lbs, but she is all fur. i think her actual weight is about 7 lbs. talk about light as a feather. my niece has a tuxedo kitty named boo that weighs almost 20 lbs. now THAT is a big boy.

Irene said...

Miss Rachel,
Trinka sounds like my Luna. Luna must only weigh 8 pounds. Lumpy is the only cat who gets along with the dog.

He used to be called Artimes, but he has been known to just to put himself where ever he wants to be and won't move, like when making the beds, which is how he got the other name of Lumpy. ;) 20 pounds is one big giant kitty! Oh yeah, Winner!

Anne said...

Another Ugg slipper lover! I can't wait to get home from work and slip them on.