Friday, February 22, 2008

Before He Cheats

DH - "I think I did OK with everything I'm supposed to be eating today."

Me - "Oh, that's good. What did you eat?"

DH - "I had the usual oatmeal cereal for breakfast with 1% milk, plus my coffee. For lunch I had a sirloin burger with bread, lettuce, tomato, cheese, and the usual condements. Meat is supposed to be OK, isn't it?"

Me - "Um, no. Per your doctor's list you're not supposed to be eating red meat right now. Just fish and chicken. No red meat, and that includes fast foods."

DH - "Really? I thought sirloin was OK?"

Me - "Look at your list. It says 'NO RED MEAT'. No cheating."

DH - "Oh. *sigh*"

Me - "Oh, and there's the stuff you put on the burger..."

DH - *Silence*

Me - "GAH!"

My husband had a physical last month. Everything was just about OK, but his cholesterol was high. You can't eat crap all the time and expect to have a stellar physical report. They also suggested that he lose some weight, 10 to 20 pounds. It doesn't matter what I say, I give free advice daily, but he has to hear the same words from someone with an MD after their name. I guess the Mrs. in front of my name doesn't count when it comes to health issues. Sheesh. I even lost 30 pounds 8 years ago and kept most of it off. I just might know a little something about eating right...


Yesterday's Song:
Hair - The Cowsills - Run-DMZ



Kana said...

Hi Irene-what is it that makes men think this way?? My dear dad was the same way. Was even on meds for his high cholesterol. Maybe if you tell your hubbie what can happen. The end result is NOT good!

Hope your weather down there is great. MIss you!

Irene said...

My FIL was the same, and that's why my husband is the same... I just don't get it. HE is the one who brings in all the junk food.

The weather is OK. This morning was nice but rain is predicted for tonight.

Miss you too!

simplypink said...

Mr. can't understand why the 3 little Debbie Oatmeal cookies weren't a healthy snack. HA! :)

Irene said...

It must be a guy thing!