Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Who Are You?

I've been released from physical therapy. My range of motion is great and (as of this morning) I had little to no limp. It's not to say that I'm completely back to normal and can hit the pavement, as I'm still sore and still healing. I'm just a little closer to, perhaps, doing a walk/run. I also finished up one more lab workup today. I hope that is the last time I have to visit the lab for a while.

With the elections nearing, do you find that phone calls to vote one way or the other are constantly making your phone ring or filling your answering machine? I've just quit answering the phone. We have caller ID. If I don't know the number, I just don't answer, and the answering machine will pick up the call. I realize this could be bad if someone I really want to hear from is trying to get in touch with me, say a friend who has moved out of state, and I don't recognize their number. On the flip side of that, if it's important, they can leave a message. It seems that most calls have been pre-recorded political messages.

Yesterday's song:
Heat Wave - Martha and the Vandellas - She Do Run Run



leslie said...

The Who!

Congratulations on your graduation! I still think of you and send healing thoughts nearly every time I head out to run. Can't wait to hear how your first run/walk goes. Just remember, we're both in this for the long haul, so stay safe. ((hugs))

Irene said...

Winner, and thanks. I really do appreciate all the support.

Anne said...

That's great news that you've completed physical therapy, with such good results. The limp will all but disappear soon.

Yes, we've been getting the elections calls too. Amazing how we can't feed the poor but when it comes to politicians needing support, money is no object. I mean, most of my mail is now political propoganda -- expensively produced propoganda.