Friday, October 17, 2008


This (below) is what I did today. It posted ALL of my GPS data directly from the BiM site, but it didn't post quite right. Any way, I did an out and back walk/run. Going out I walked for 2 minutes and ran for 1. Going back I walked for 1 minuted and ran for 2. I actually went a bit faster doing this pattern and didn't compromise comfort. I may have to rethink my initial 5k goal time, because I was around 42 minutes + at about 3 miles.

Route:--Elev. Avg:13 ft
Location:San Diego, CA, Elev. Gain:+3 ft
Date:10/17/08Up/Downhill: [+160/-157]
Time:12:25 PMDifficulty:1.8 / 5.0


68 F temp; 30% humidity

68 F heat index; winds CALM calm mph

Distance: 5.03 miles

Speed:4.3 mph

Pace:13' 57 /mi


Asics gel nimbus 9 (1)

Walk/run (minutes)
2 walk/ 1 run out
1 walk /2 run back
Elevation (ft)
Speed (mph)
MilePace (min/mile)Speed (mph)Elevation
actual+/- avgactual+/- avg
114' 15+0' 174.2-0.1+3 ft
213' 47-0' 104.3+0.0-3 ft
313' 34-0' 234.4+0.1+4 ft
413' 41-0' 164.4+0.1+4 ft
513' 45-0' 124.4+0.1-3 ft
end15' 00+1' 024.0-0.30 ft
Versus average of 4.3 mph

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KatieFeldmom said...

WOW! That is awesome Irene!!! Way to go and yeah, you'll now most definitely have to adjust your goal for the 9th!

AKA Alice said...

Hooray! That is just awesome.

Can't wait for the 9th!

barbie2be said...

that's awesome! glad you are feeling good and able to start doing more.

josh radin?

WADDLER26.2 said...

Great job and I love the graphs!!

Pat said...

Nice run. I bet it was beautiful out there.

Irene said...

It felt good to be out there and felt even better to run a little.

AKA Alice,
Slowly but surely! I hope we have nice weather for the 9th.

It does feel good to be back at it!

I've tried posting those from the BiM site before but they were never compatible with Blogger until recently, but it's still not a seamless transfer. I like the data, though.

It was a beautiful afternoon!