Friday, October 24, 2008

These Dreams

Last night was date night with my husband. For the first time in ages I had buffalo wings and a Grey Goose martini. I'm starting to wonder if that combination of food and drink caused my weird dream. I was back in college and Tim Gunn was my Shakespeare Literature teacher, and the class was supposed to be reading A Midsummer Night's Dream, but no one could find it in their books. Oh, Tim Gunn's Guide to Style was the last thing I watched before dozing off...

I have a Tanita scale, an Ormon body fat analyzer, and internet sites that calculate body fat based on measurements. It looks like my body fat percentage is finally going down. I first noticed a change on the Tanita, then I covered the other bases because The Tanita gives me a ridiculously high body fat percentage, although the weight is accurate. My body fat went down about 2 percent. Ever since the injury I just watched my body fat go up about 5%, even though my weight stayed the same. I'm finally making progress again.

Wednesday's song:
Change Of Heart - Cyndi Lauper, Tom Petty, The Judds, etc. - Barbie2be



barbie2be said...


like you, i wish tim gunn were my gay boyfriend. i adore tim gunn's guide to style!

Kana said...

Hey girl...GREAT JOB on the progress :) Keep it all adds up :) I do think the martini and chicken wings had to do with the dream. Last weekend I drank a decent amount of wine and had some WILD dreams. Hope you are doing great!

Irene said...

Winner! I don't know what was up with that dream. In college my actual Shakespeare Lit teacher was more like Don Knotts...

I guess certain food and drink makes for weird dreams! Good to see you again!