Sunday, October 26, 2008

Let Me Clear My Throat

I gave in. The nose and throat felt like they were lined with cotton balls. Relief, finally. I might even try running tomorrow.

Yesterday's song:
Her Eyes - Pat Monahan



AKA Alice said...

Oh's bad right now...these Santa Ana's are killing me!

Anne said...

I'm giving in too...I can't stand it anymore.

And I know this song and I know it's about Old School rappers but I can't recall who led the thing. Great title for the post, though (was that you or Evan????)

Anonymous said...

Beastie Boys??

Thanks for the comment on the RoadID. Good to know about not wearing on the same foot as my chip considering the latest problems :-)

Feel better!

Pat said...

Hope you get better. I was shocked to see my name, then I read that it was the other Pat Monahan.

If I would have read it Saturday, I would have still missed it.

Oh well.

Irene said...

AKA Alice,
I just mopped, wiped and dusted a good part of the house today! It's just more dusty with such dry weather.

I hope there's relief, soon. I found that song title all on my own, bu it did require surfing iTunes.

Thanks Pat. :) Unless you really did record that song, then I'd give you credit. :) LOL.