Thursday, October 30, 2008


Activity: Run
Date: 10/30/08 10:42 AM
Distance: 3.09 miles
Time: 0:38:55
Speed: 4.8 mph
Pace: 12' 35 min/mile
Calories: 295

I finally ran today. I walked for about the first three minutes then ran most of the time, then about the last few minutes I walked. If you notice, it now says "run" next to activity. On my BiM program, it separates run and walk into different categories, and since I did more running than walking, I decided to change that setting when I started out. This is a milestone for me. I felt good running, but the right leg is still tight, but not in pain. The tightness causes me to limp a little, and a neighbor walking her dogs called out to me as I'm running by "did you know you were limping?" It's will take a long while to get my muscles all nice and limber again, but until then, I will be lopsided. Based on today's stats, I now know I can do a 5k under 40 minutes.

While I was running, I had a really stupid (but somewhat funny) song in my head that I heard on a YouTube video that someone sent me:

I should have listened to something else before I set foot out the door, something to get me pumped up. I don't wear my iPod Shuffle when I run in the neighborhood because some streets are rather busy, and I need to be aware. Next time I'll listen to my cardio mix before I leave.

Yesterday's song:
Time For A Change - Motley Crue



Anonymous said...

How funny is that video. I am sitting at my desk LMAO! Could she be ANY cuter??

Congrats on the run today. You'll be way ahead of 40 minutes, no problem. :-)

KatieFeldmom said...

That was stuck in your head ..... oh my. I'm so sorry. That would definitely get annoying ... and I speak from experience because I just watched it and now I have the first 2 lines going over and over in my head.

YAY on the run!!!!!!!!!

leslie said...

Congratulations on your run! JUST THIS MORNING I was listening to "Paradise" and thinking about you as I was running. (Were you out around 8:20 or so? If so, we were running at the same time!)

Really cute video!

Anne said...

That video subject certainly brings back (bad) memories from early mommyhood.

Go Irene! So great that you're back at it.

Irene said...

LOL... Thanks. I have my work cut out for me, but it's a start!

Quick! Go listen to something else! That song sticks! The running is baby steps! Thanks.

I went running sometimes after 10 am, but I was in running mode all morning. :)

We got through it, and even the teenage years! I'm glad to be back , lopsided running and all.