Monday, October 06, 2008

Where Are You Going?

I have nothing workout or walking/running related to blog about this week, unless it's about something I've read elsewhere. I'm taking this week off from any physical activity, such as working out or walking. Last weekend I think I just pushed myself too hard and paid for it last week. This week isn't so bad, but the hip is still feeling sore. I also have physical therapy this week AND one more lab test to deal with.

So... What else is there to discuss??? There's plenty.

Here's a few items of discussion:

Do you think it's appropriate for churches to put political information (which has nothing to do with church or religion) in their weekly bulletin? They did this at our church the past two weeks. What about separation of church and state? (I usually try not to get overly political or discuss religion here, but I'm perplexed.)

Vista or Mac? I've read somewhere (perhaps another blog) that having Vista is like installing a garbage disposal on your aquarium. Yes, it looks all nice and pretty right out of the box , but then you have to install it and turn it on...

I've been through the elementary school years with my kids. Now my grandson is there, in the California (San Diego) public school system. Honestly, not much has changed since my kids were there, and I'm a little disappointed. I know each school, whether public or private, has their pros and cons. I've had both of my kids in private schools (Montessori, Catholic, Lutheran, and smaller private educational), a magnet public school (AKA: voluntary integration), and regular neighborhood public school, so I have a somewhat of a decent grasp of what's out there. I'm trying to talk my husband into helping our daughter with financing so we can put our grandson in a smaller private school, perhaps Montessori or Waldorf. This will mean doing without certain house repairs or a few frivolities, but as of right now, I feel like they're wanting him to conform to what a cookie cutter average kid is. He understands his math and reading concepts, and everything else you're supposed to know in Kindergarten, but once done with his task at hand, he's DONE. And bored. And antsy. Antsy equals fidgety, and that leads to time outs. He needs more than they can offer him. Just to make sure I wasn't overreacting, I asked my friend with the degrees in child psychology and elementary education what she thought about my grandson's situation, and she agreed with me. The kid is bored. My daughter is also looking into other extracurricular activities (for the kid) like martial arts and music lessons.

We've installed a reverse osmosis system in our kitchen this weekend. It was somewhat expensive but the idea is to not buy bottled water and reduce waste. We've also looked at the numbers of what it costs yearly to purchase bottled water, and this system should save us some cash over the long haul.

Dry and warm Santa Ana winds are predicted this week, which means the risks for fires are high. I just hope this weather passes through quickly and without incident. Last year was pretty scary, especially when we flew home after the 2007 Nike Women's Half Marathon. We could see the smoke from fires up and down the California coast. We know several people who lost their homes.

How's that for not blogging about anything fitness/running/walking related?

Yesterday's song:
The Mob Rules - Black Sabbath



leslie said...

Dave Matthews Band, baby and an awesome song! K -- now I have to actually read what you wrote -- back for an actual comment soon.

KatieFeldmom said...

They not only put it in our bulletin, but the priest talked about it DURING church. While he made some valid points, I just do like it while I'm in the building. But I actually don't like politics anywhere .... is it Nov 4th yet?

I'm scared of Vista. But never used a Mac before.

Regarding Kindergarten: good luck!!!

Fingers crossed for no fires!!!

KatieFeldmom said...

that should be "don't like it while I'm in the building".

leslie said...

I LOVE my Mac.

That's too bad that the school can't do a better job with keeping the kids happy and occupied. Tucker was in a Christian school for kindergarten, and they did a way worse job of individualizing his education. Public school for the key for us. But I hear wonderful things about Montessori and Waldorf. Hooray for being in a place where you can help with choices for your daughter and grandson!

Flo said...

I love rambling posts that cover a lot of ground. They are my favorite kinds.

So since when does politics belong in church?? I think that is incredibly wrong and should not be done at all.

I'm a freak. I have Vista on my desktop and my laptop and I love it. It's not that much different than XP and I haven't had any problems with it, but then I don't do a lot of graphic heavy stuff or recording or anything. I'm happy with Vista.

I'm studying to be a teacher and I could tell you stories about what the teachers have to go through in the class room. It's unbelieveably and really has me thinking I'm going to teach at a private school.

But right now I work in a lab where we test drinking water. I could tell you horror storries about in home water systems. I won't, but I will say that a reverse osmosis is the best of the bunch. :)

SavyArt said...

The not mixing of church and state is a myth, you only have to look at our currency to see that. We probably have more mixing of church and state than most countries out there, we just like to pretend we don't.

The school thing? I would do it. I would do it for my daughter if I could too. She had all her stuff down too so instead of challenging her, the teacher made her teach the other students. The teacher's rationale was that eventually she'd be at the same level as everyone else and then wouldn't be a problem. Nice. I was screaming mad.

Oh, and I want a Mac. I'm so DONE with my stupid PC and Vista and Microsoft. DONE, I say! ;)

E-Speed said...

I've been walking around singing this song this morning and couldn't figure out why. Now I know it's because I must have seen your title in my blog reader pane :) Hope you are having a great day! Thanks for adding a little melody to mine!

Anne said...

I like rambling posts too.

I seem to recall if a church promotes political causes or politicians it might risk its status and have to start paying taxes. That's the ultimate hypocrisy, if you ask me: a place that avoids paying taxes telling all those taxpayers in the pews how to vote.

Irene said...

Winner! I'm thinking about a Mac. I'm sure we'll figure out the school situation. He's a bright and feisty kid.

I guess the info was required to be given out by the Diocese. I don't agree with that at all.

Yeah, I don't think politics belongs in church, either. I was kind of surprised they were pushing how they thought we should vote on us. I know schools are so underfunded here, and teachers are really overwhelmed, but that's not conducive to learning. Teachers need more pay, smaller class size, and more respect. Thanks for your info on the reverse osmosis system!

You're right, but I intensely dislike when church, a place I go to reflect, is shoving their political opinions in my face. I can make up my own decisions for myself. As for the school, I'm pushing for something else, whether if it's something else with in the district or private. I'm wanting a Mac, too.

Good to see you here! I've been following up on your running. Glad you're still going strong. Glad I could help put a tune in your day. ;)