Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Time For A Change

My grandson did great at the dentist yesterday. He became very giggly when they began to give him the anesthesia, and he said everything tickled, according to his mom. He slept most of the day, and had a little bit of an upset stomach, but was back to his very active self this morning. His teacher mentioned that he was showing off his "gold tooth" to his classmates. It's not gold, but it sure cost enough to be gold... I hope this is the last time he needs to go through any dental work, other than a 6 month check up and cleaning.

Still, no running today, but tomorrow looks promising.

Can someone explain why Bush decided to change the date on the time change? It made no sense last year, even for the trick or treaters. They all came out after dark anyway.

Yesterday's song:
Witchy Woman - The Eagles - Be A Good One



Dori said...

I didn't remember that the Eagles sang Witchy Woman, although I remember the song, of course. I remember time for a cool change, but I had to look up the artist, so I'm not going to play.

I'm glad your grandson is fine. What a drag to have to have a filling in a baby tooth!

Thanks for your nice comment regarding my race. :-)

Anne said...

I think it was to save energy since we use less lights during standard time. I read that somewhere but I can't recall where now.

Anonymous said...

I hope that I remember to change my clocks as I am expected at the NYC Marathon, as a spectator would suck to be late. :-)

I like that he said everything tickled...kind of a funny way to look at anesthia.

Irene said...

His back molar cracked, and that tooth probably won't come out for a long while. I'm glad he's OK. :)

You're probably right, but getting up early means being in the dark...

Yeah, it would really suck to be late for that! Congratulations on getting into the NYC marathon!!! The grandkid did really well and he better not need anything else dental for a LONG time!