Thursday, October 09, 2008

Scream If You Wanna Go Faster

I found this Youtube video of a run I was in two years ago. I'm at about 1:58 right wearing a pink hat and white t shirt and my number isn't showing, and my husband is at 2:00 wearing his bright yellow SDRNR Marathon hat with a black t shirt and black leggings. This is the walk/run I'm thinking about participating in next month, the one with the brunch afterward.

Yesterday's song:
Who Are You? The Who - Be A Good One



leslie said...

Oh, I, you've gotta do it! What a great first run back!!!

AKA Alice said...

I loved this run last year (my first time)..Several heffers and I will definitely be there.

I think I saw both of you!

Miss Rachel said...

Just saying hello. (Couldn't find you in the video.) Congratulations on being done with physical therapy!