Sunday, June 29, 2008

Walk This Way

06/29/08 01:04 PM
Distance: 1.28 miles
Time: 0:47:01
Speed: 1.6 mph
Pace: 37' 30 min/mile
Calories: 1 31

Even though I really didn't feel like it, I went for a walk with my husband and grandson. I felt like I needed to burn off some of that chocolate cake from the other day. Since we had the kid with us, we walked down to the Volkswagen dealership so he could look at the pretty new cars. I got in some hills, too. I wanted to make sure I put in at least one mile, and we did, plus a little extra. I guess, no matter how much I don't feel like it right now, I need to keep at it, every day.

Yesterday's song:

Everybody I Love You - Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young




simplypink said...

It's good to hear that you're walking...even if you don't really want to. Mainly because that means you will be up and running when you can. :) Glad you're getting around better.

Aerosmith & or Run DMC

Michelle said...

I'm glad you got out there. It must be really hard to know what the right thing to do is. I guess you have to tease out not wanting to vs. your body not being up to it. But my mind plays tricks on me so it's hard. Mmmmm, chocolate cake. When you mention it I picture this thick, moist chocolate cake they sell in HUGE slices at Safeway. I used to buy it at least once a week. Yummmmm.

Hey, Goodlilgirl from muscletank started a blog and just answered the running tag that went around. I bet she'd be happy if you stop by:

barbie2be said...

you go girl! i was just thinking of aerosmith as i was reading about steven tyler at rehab recovering from foot and knee surgery. good grief! when did he get so old? he's 60!

havlow said...

Hey glad to see you're still up and about and getting around okay!

Irene said...

Simply Pink,
Winner! Every other day it seems like I'm super tired and worn out. The doc says that's normal, given my circumstances.

Thanks for the heads up on Megan's blog. I was wondering how she was doing! I tried to leave her a comment earlier but blogger was not being kind. I'll try again, later.

Steven Tyler has been around the block a few times, I suppose... Well, the man sure can rock!

One step at a time! Thanks for visiting. :)