Monday, June 23, 2008

The Hardest Part

Bean push-ups - 5 sets of 30
Bicep Curls - 4 sets of 25, using two 5# dumbbells
Bean abs crunches - 2 sets of 50 and one set of 100
Triceps - dumbbell extensions - 3 sets of 30 using one 5# dumbbell
Pelvic tilts

I'm feeling rather wimpy with the 5# dumbbells, especially when I used to think nothing of using 30# and higher dumbbells for the same exercises. Right now it's baby steps. It's all about high reps and low weights, until I can get the muscles used to everything again. I suppose I can go up to the next weight increment, but I want to make sure I have this all down to the point it's super, super easy and can do double of what I'm doing now with a 5# weight.

I'm making an attempt at yet another protein powder. I've tried Muscle Milk Lite because it's lactose free and it seem to be working out OK. No splotchy breakouts or other weird reactions. I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one. I've tried several brands but most are made with whey protein, and that's the main culprit of my breakouts. I also do OK with soy protein, but I have to get creative with how I use it.

This past weekend was also a big weekend for run events. Kudos to Michelle who participated in her first triathlon and probably still has a huge grin on her face, to Anne and her daughter for running as a team in in the Aflac Iron Girl 5k, to AKA Alice - who was also at the same event and ran the 10K, to Barbie2be who participated in the American Cancer Society's Relay for life, and to Waddler26.2 for doing an amazing job at her Triathlon and finished strong. I was able to live vicariously through them and their event stories on their blogs. I wanted to be there, too.

"The hardest part is letting go, not taking part."

Yesterday's song:
Heat Of The Moment - Asia - Step Away From The Cake



Anne said...

Thanks for the special mention of our special day as mother and daughter. Let me know if that new shake formula is a winner.

And, let me guess: Coldplay!

barbie2be said...

wow, congrats to all the ladies of the weekend! we rock! thanks for the mention, irene!

leslie said...

It IS hard to go back from where you used to be. After my shoulder woes, I was doing exercises I used to do with 20 pound dumbbells, but using TWO POUNDERS instead. But I knew it was what I needed to do to get where I wanted to be.

Again, sending healing thoughts your way...

Michelle said...

Yay! ::clap clap clap::

Thanks for mentioning me. And you're right, I'm still grinning :)

And kudos to all the other women out there doing it! We rock!

Irene, I'm so glad to hear you're taking it slow to start. I bet it's frustrating but you are making the smart decision. This is an investment in you're recovery. And congrats on your fortitude. You're one tough chick!

Michelle said...

Oh, and I just discovered Muscle Milk Light too. 20 g of protein in only 3 points is hearty snack for this Weight Watcher :)

Sunshine said...

No medals for your progress.. But congratulations for your inspiration.

Irene said...

You're welcome. I hope to do something like that with one of my kids again, someday. Stranger things have happened... Winner!!!

When I started to read everyone's blogs over the weekend, I was amazed how busy everyone was with all these events -- and all women! It's a very cool thing to see!

It's weird, but I know I can't start big. I'll get it back.

I was so excited for you! I know how hard you worked to get there. And congrats to Miguel, too! Thanks for the encouragement! slow and steady! So far, Muscle Milk Lite is working out great!

Thanks so much for the encouragment!