Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father & Son

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Yesterday's song:
The Air That I Breathe - The Hollies - Miss Rachel



AKA Alice said...

Cat Stevens (My husband called it out from across the room...he said it was the first album he remembers listening to)

The 1/2 Mad group is meeting in Balboa Park next Saturday. Stephen has been sending out an email with the exact spot, but I remember him saying it would be near Kalmia and 6th. I can let you know for sure when I find out.

I also see on the SDTC main website that there's a group that meets for long runs weekly. The guy who is organizing it posted the meeting place there on Thursday.

Michelle said...

I love that voice! Thanks for sharing :)

Irene said...

AKA Alice,
Winner! I like that song from way back... Thanks for the info. My husband and a friend need to be there!