Monday, June 16, 2008

Right Here Waiting

We had a great father's day weekend. Someone else took pictures at the barbecue at my sister-in-law's house, which is why I haven't posted any pictures YET. I'm still waiting for the e-mail with those pictures.

I also had a birthday celebration with the office, for 3 June birthdays, including mine, but I'm waiting on pictures from that event. We rode in the most obnoxious limo ever, but it was hysterical...

One thing I'm no longer waiting for is a Bistro table and chairs for the front porch. It was supposed to be a Mother's Day present, but my husband waited too long and the one we originally selected was no longer available. Now it just needs assembly, which I need to wait for someone else to do, because it's too heavy for me at the moment... *sigh*


Yesterday's song:

Father & Son - Cat Stevens - AKA Alice



barbie2be said...

richard marx?

waiting sucks. but sometimes it pays off! ;)

Steve Stenzel said...

Happy b-day!! And an "obnoxious limo" ride sounds like a blast!!

Irene said...

You've got it! Winner. As they say, all good things come to those who wait!

Thanks! I hope the photos capture how the limo was! You should have seen the weird stares we received from other drivers.