Friday, June 13, 2008

Show And Tell

When most kids get a sticker at a doctor's visit, they usually put the stickers on their shirt or bring it home to put in a book. Evan chose to wear his sticker, right below his shot boo-boo.
Just so you all know, that's a Masarati he's holding. Evan requested that I mention his car.

Yesterday's song:
The Winner Takes It All - Abba - Diary of an Aspiring Loser



leslie said...

Please tell Evan that it's a cool sticker, and an even cooler car! He probably already knows that, though, just like he must know he has an awesome G-mom!

Michelle said...

Cute! What does his shirt say?

Irene said...

He had to show everyone the sticker. It's a character from some kid's show. He LOVES that car. It's so beat up but knows what it is!!!

The shirt says "My Grandma is faster than you." :)

AKA Alice said...

Love the shirt...still can't believe you're a grandma though.

Maybe in 15 years or so he'll be asking for a grown-up Masarati... Good Lord, what will gas cost then?

Irene said...

AKA Alice,
For an almost 5 year old, he knows just about every make and model of car out there, and it blows my mind. As for the gas, yikes! I hope we have more fuel alternatives in 15 years!