Friday, June 06, 2008

Time Passages

Evan graduated from pre-school today!

Yesterday's song:

Can You Read My Mind? - Brian McNight, Maureen McGovern



leslie said...

Al Stewart?
Evan is SO cute!!!

AKA Alice said...

Hi Irene!
I've been reading your blog for a couple of months now and am completely impressed by it and by how frequently you write. How do you do it?

Congrats on your little one's graduation! And to Michael's on his awesome marathon finish (I was just a few minutes away from him and was running near him earlier in the day!)

Oh yeah, Time Passages is by Al Stewart. It's one of my favorite songs.

Irene said...

Winner! Evan is my buddy. :)

AKA Alice,
Thanks for stopping by!
I'm sort of doing the Blog365 thing, but I was side tracked a bit... At first it was hard to do a daily blog post, but with pictures and memes, it makes posting daily a little easier.
After visiting your blog, I've realized we've probably seen each other out there on the trails! Congrats on your marathon. This was Michael's best one so far! He was pretty happy about it. Yep, Al Stewart. :)

barbie2be said...

oh, what a perfect little gentleman! he is just the sweetest thing ever!