Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Walk Away

I completely ditched the walker yesterday. I went to may lab appointment and to vote without the walker and used a cane instead. I have to make a conscious effort to not limp, per my post-op instructions, just so the good hip won't over-compensate, then become hurt or sore as well. I have to take smaller than normal steps, but it's working.

Yesterday's song, We live for love, was selected because we (me, my husband and our running buddies) run because we love it, and, of course, it's a Pat Benatar song, who sang at the post marathon show. I didn't realize that the lyrics fit so well until I re-listened to the song today...

"I never planned to win the race
But you convinced me face to face
there was never a chance of losing at all.
We live for love."

Yesterday's song:
We Live For Love - Pat Benatar - Barbie2be




Anonymous said...

You are on your way!! ~~healing~~ vibes comin' your way too!

Those lyrics are great. It is the perfect song.

Michelle said...

When I read the first sentence I thought, "Who's the walker and why did she ditch him/her?". I'm slow.

I'm glad you're improving and keeping your spirits up. You'll get back to that thing you love and you will appreciate it all the more I bet.

barbie2be said...

kelly clarkson?

yay for you! doesn't it feel great to know you are making progress?

Donna said...

Holy Moly! I had a lot to catch up on. I'm so sorry for your injury. When I read about you having a walker I was like, what, I have to go back take a look here. Take care!

Irene said...

Thanks so much. Every day I'm a little bit stonger!

LOL! I'm hanging in there. I know I'll be back at it, and with new goals, too. :)

Winner! I know it sounds cliche', but it really is taking it one day at a time...

It has been a weird journey, that's for sure! It happened and now I'm just trying to get on with things as best as possible. Thanks for stopping by. :)

leslie said...

You're making great progress -- no walker? Amazing!!!

Irene said...

Thanks, Leslie!