Thursday, June 26, 2008

Camera Obscura

It's not like I'm trying to rush things, well, OK, perhaps a little, but the past month (which felt like an eternity for me since I'm not doing much) is almost over. The Fourth of July holiday is just next week. Nablopomo just sent me an e-mail saying that July's theme is food. I guess I missed the June theme memo, which had to do with home - and I was certainly at home. I can deal with food. Perhaps I can get some cool photos of food, now that I'm up to speed on my food photography tips out of the July 2008 issue of Popular Photography magazine. Maybe I can even draw food. I could even post recipes.

Speaking of photography, my husband went and purchased his own DSLR camera. had a pretty good deal on an Olympus E-510 with two lenses. The camera is probably about 3 generations up from mine, is much lighter and has more bells and whistles than mine does. The cool thing is that the lenses that came with this camera have a wider angle than the ones I have. However, the telescopic lens of my camera has more distance range than his, so we can swap lenses as needed. One of the features the E-510 has is a way to do panoramic type photos, using a larger media card or flash drive and software that came with the camera. This feature will be useful in photos of city blocks or longer buildings, and that's an important feature for someone like my husband, who depends heavily on visuals for potential clients. Now we're both happy with our cameras, and I hope mine will no longer go missing.

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barbie2be said...

ok, so i always think i would give my right arm for a DSLR, but then i remember what it was like when i was toting my SLR all over creation and remember that what i really need is really a higher end digital point and shoot.

but, that is a nice camera the mr has done gone and gotten himself.

Flo said...

You know what,I missed the June memo on NaBloPoMo too!! I'm thinking of going for it in July, food is always good :)

I have been coveting a DSLR. My little digital broke and I thought I could use that as an excuse to get a DSLR but it was covered under warranty. That's weird that I'm sad something is covered under warranty... Anyway, one day soon a DSLR is in my future....

AKA Alice said...

Ooohhhhh pretty camera! I like it!

Irene said...

My husband is always stealing mine. He has a little point and shoot that has a decent lens and is 7 mega pixels, but for publishing quality pictures, without having to hire a photographer, he needs the big guns.

I'm gonna be all over the food theme! The DSLR's have come way down in price, plus they come with more cool features.

AKA Alice,
It takes a pretty picture, too! ;)