Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Get The Party Started

I've made a little discovery... One of the pain medications that I was so bent on not taking because I thought it made me drowsy at first, actually gets me a little amped, plus takes away the soreness/pain. I'm able to put a little more effort into working out, as long as I don't push myself too hard. I'm not sure what kind of workout I'll do today, but it feels good knowing I can do a little more.

Last night was the office birthday party for one of the doctors, a coworker, and me. Our birthdays are within a week of each other, and it's only logical to do one party for the three of us. I wish I had pictures, and I hope they send me some, because they picked me up at my house in the most obnoxious limo ever. It was a Hummer limo from a sports drink company with their logo all over it, and huge pictures of two Bavarian-esque ladies on the side. One of the doctors knows the person who drives the limo and was able to get it for the occasion. Of course, it had the tacky disco interior, complete with fiber-optic ceiling lights that changed colors. It was so funny. We had a blast, though. Oh, and the doctors gave me some cool gifts. I received the New York City Ballet Workout DVD set, a baseball cap that says my work name (Eyeball) on it, and an Ipod shuffle. They even had it engraved. The print is so tiny it was hard to read, (so I used my macro setting to take a picture of it) but it's so cool...

I was so surprised! My coworkers gave me the new Cooking Light cookbook, a really nice blouse and a pair of white gold hoop earrings. This was also the first night I was able to have salad and have one alcoholic beverage, now that I'm off one of the meds. (I made sure I wasn't on the pain meds for a couple of days just so I could have one drink.) It was a very good evening and couldn't have come at a better time.

Yesterday's song:
Right Here Waiting - Richard Marx - Barbie2be



Backofpack said...

Pretty nice! Glad things are looking up for you and you are feeling better. Go get 'em!

Anne said...

Wow, Irene...are they taking applications at your office?!

Anonymous said...

So glad you had such a good time and got such cool presents. You really deserved it all! happy Belated Birthday!

leslie said...

The whole evening sounds like so much fun, and I LOVE the iPod engraving!! So happy you had fun, my friend!

barbie2be said...



sounds like a great evening. and i'm with anne... are they taking applications? ;)

Irene said...

It was pretty nice. The engraved Ipod was a nice surprise. I'm getting there!!!

Yes, but then you'd have to get a nick name, and it wouldn't be pretty... LOL...

Thanks. It was the boost I needed.

I love it! I can't wait to see all the goofy pictures of the limo ride.

Winner! And like I told Anne, they'd give you a new nick name... LOL...

Juls said...

How awesome! I used to have that NYC ballet CD. I "lent" it to the kids' babysitter and never got it back. I guess it must be good.

Irene said...

I watched it yesterday and it looks like it could be a really good workout! I didn't know it, but my daughter has the book, and the DVD's were no surprise to her. Any way, I was surprised. :)