Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Height Is A Beautiful Thing

Happy New Year!

My husband and I ended up at one of our local haunts, just with in walking distance (just in case we needed to walk home) to ring in the new year. We had a great time and did OK as far as food and drink went. No hang-overs or headaches, but a very late wake up time. Once we were up and going we decided to go for a walk. This time I brought my camera. Someone had once asked me about THE HILL that I occasionally take on for training. Now here's the pictures....

If any of you have ever run in the San Diego Rock 'N' Roll Marathon, you've gone down this street and taken a right at this intersection, which is the foot of THE HILL. Fortunately, for those who run in the SDRNR Marathon, they don't have to run all the way up the hill or the steepest part of it. This is about a half mile away from where I live.

Here's the foot of the hill. From here you can see what I refer to as THE HILL in the distance.

Almost at the top...

View from the top...

After a right hand turn at the top of the hill, there's still more hill to go up before we reach the church.

This is the view of Mission Bay from the church parking lot ...

On our way down the hill...

It doesn't look that steep from this shot of my husband walking down, but when I attempt to run on this short stretch of sidewalk, I often worry about tripping and rolling down this hill...

Here's the home stretch and it flattens out again.

2008 goals:

1) Get more organized. We have way too much junk that we don't use. It's time to really clean up and make space and really organize so we can find the stuff we really use. (Stuff has been in boxes, still, since we moved in last December)

2) Train for a sub 5 hour marathon, preferably 4:45 or faster. Perhaps I should rephrase that... Train for a 4:45 marathon or faster.

3) Take real music lessons (guitar) instead of faking what ever songs I happen to know. I think I put this goal on my list for last year but I have yet to do it.

4) Volunteer. It has been a while.

5) Get the backyard looking like a place I want to vacation in, instead of a place I want to ignore.

6) Make more healthy homemade meals. I noticed we all do better when we all eat better. I need to make the effort of preparing less processed foods.

I'm sure there will be more to add to my list of goals.

Other stuff...

On the the song game... I'm still going to title my posts with song titles but I will no longer wait until the end of the month to post all of the winners, I'll post the winner on the following day's blog. I'm going to give a stab at blogging daily, per Juls' suggestion. It will be easier for me to manage the song thing/game/meme daily. I'll finish up the December 2007 winners tomorrow.

I'm still messing around with my blog template. I've tried different color schemes, but they either didn't work or hurt to look at, so I stuck with something easy to look at and rather simple, until I can find something that is more me. Soft yellow is nice but it's not a color that I identify myself with, however, it goes well with the sunset picture from a day at sea on our recent cruise.

Have a fantastic year!



Anonymous said...

Oh, I just LOVED the pictures!!! Thanks for showing what "THE HILL" looks like. WOW. That's looks pretty tough. I'd be upchuckin' a lung!

I hope you get your goals accomplished this year!!

Pat said...

you got to love lots of pictures in a post. At least I do. Good luck in 2008. You'll do great.

Happy New Year!

barbie2be said...

the rascals?

i like this look. the pale yellow is so easy on my old eyes. ;)

Irene said...

Thank you! I just snapped photos as we walked!

I always worry that Blogger will explode if I post a lot of pictures. I used to have issues with just a couple so I was surprised to get in so many!

Exactly. My old eyes freak out with certain colors or lack there of! I had heard somewhere that a dark font on yellow background was easier to read, which is why they make those big yellow note pads. Boring, perhaps, but it's still a work in progress. :)