Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Run, Run, Run

Tonight I went to the SDTC workout. After a warm up and stretches, we did fitness circuits, which was to stride the straight aways, then either do 25 crunches, push-ups, or jumping jacks, for a total of 12 times. I'm kind of thinking of trying to run with the B group once, just to see if I'm not delusional about my abilities. The B group is for those who run between a 7:30 and a 9 minute mile, where my 5k time is, and the C group is for those who run a 9:30 minute mile and slower, where my marathon time is. I felt really good tonight, and I really could have punched my running, but I had to go slower to navigate around some of the people in C group who started to walk. I totally respect that everyone is coming into this marathon with different abilities. I guess the thing that I'm concerned about is trying to run with the B group and being THAT person who slows everyone down. I kind of wish there was 4 groups instead of 3, as more of a break down in minute/mile groups, but I guess it would a matter of logistics, as to where to fit everyone since there's about 600 of us. Oh well. I'll shut up now. After the circuits, we ran around the track until they told us to stop, so I put in about 6 more laps. My husband made it to the workout late. I didn't see him at all. He called me later to say he was there, but by then I was already on my way home. I'm glad he did show up!

Yesterday's song:
American Pie - Don Mclean - Be A Good One



Anonymous said...

Wow, your SDTC workout sounds intense. Good luck with that! Can't wait to hear what you decide to do.

NOW I can see the pie, YUUUUUMMMMM. Sure there isn't any left? :(

barbie2be said...

the who?

you are so good. of course it is a tad warmer down there for working out outside. it has been so fricken cold up here i have to content myself to working out with my bender ball.

KatieFeldmom said...

Good luck with your dilemma!

Irene said...

DOMS today!

It rained of the first day of the marathon training program. I would have much rather stayed in bed that morning! It as about 60 degrees for last night's run, so we were just fine. Wow, I can't believe I stumped you!

They said I could train with either group, as it's not that structured, so it's not like a big deal, but I don't want to be overwhelmed, either.

Anne said...

Two years ago I was that girl that ran behind everyone else in the B group. You feel a little lagging until you come upon the C group in the outer lanes and just blow by them. I actually enjoyed the "alone time" on the track, but I'm weird that way.