Saturday, January 19, 2008

Map of the Problematique

Activity: Run
Date: 01/19/08 07:22 AM
Distance: 5.20 miles
Time: 0:47:52
Speed: 6.5 mph
Pace: 9' 12 min/mile
Calories: 496

Before today's run I was soooooo going to run with the B group, but I felt sort of sick to my stomach first thing this morning, so I opted for the C group. Today they decided to divide up the B and C group into a couple time ranges with in the groups. Had I known that prior to the run today I would have gone with the B group in the 8 to 9 minute mile ranges. I started my run with the C group in the 10:00 to 11:00 minute mile range.

C group always starts a few minutes after B group. Once we got into the run and found our comfortable pace, couple of us caught up to the back end of B group within the first mile. After this first mile I started chatting with a woman who runs my pace. HOORAY! Turns out she is my age and we're exactly on month apart on our birth-dates. We ran pretty much the whole way together, either slightly ahead or behind each other, but we were never that far away from the other. As it turns out she was having the same mini dilemma as I was, about being in that gray area of being between the B and C groups. As soon as we finished the run there was another woman who finished just about a few seconds behind me and she was in the same predicament about group placement as well. We collectively decided to start running with the B group. We were all concerned about being the slow pokes of B group, but we actually ran right with them. My time splits showed that I ran in the high 8 minute mile range towards the end, giving me negative splits.

One little flub, though, is that we followed the wrong people some place at the first half mile or so ~ which made the route slightly longer, then f0llowed people who were taking a slightly shorter route on the way back. Perhaps that little flub at the beginning made up for the slightly shorter route on the way back. (Yeah, that's it!) You can see on the map above, which is supposed to be one continuous purple line for an out and back run, but it divides in the middle. On the way out I/we ran the extra distance right around where we curve near the bay at Dana Landing. We were supposed to run through a parking lot but we ran around it. On the way back we didn't run right along the bay. I guess I shouldn't rely on others in front of me for directions, but to learn the route map!

Once the guys are done with finishing up our plumbing project today, I can take a shower!

Yesterday's Song - The Rivals - Jerry Goldsmith



WADDLER26.2 said...

Nice run and great job on the negative splits.

Anne said...

Good for you to keep up with the B pack.

And, yes, you learn quickly not to trust to people in front of you unless one of them has a neon yellow hat/visor. The routes get more complicated as the weeks go on.

No clue on today's song title.

Irene said...

Thanks. It was quite an unexpected time because it felt easy.

Thanks, and lesson learned!