Sunday, January 20, 2008

C'est La Vie

The Patriots won the game. If there is any consolation is that Junior Seau, a former Chargers team player, is finally playing in a Super Bowl game. San Diegans still love their hometown son.

Charger's fans are appreciative. As my son said, they did beat the point spread and came one game closer to winning the AFC title this year.

Hint for today's song: It's by a group.

Yesterday's Song - Map of the Problematique - Muse



leslie said...

I LOVE Junior Seau and am so happy he gets a shot at the big game!

KatieFeldmom said...

I really wanted the Chargers to win. I had a feeling that the Giants would win, so if the Chargers had gone all the way, the Superbowl would have been a real contest. Now it looks like the Patriots will run right over the Giants ... it's not going to be a close game at all.

barbie2be said...

ELP? i was hoping it was robbie nevil so i could tell you my robbie nevil story. :)

i was so bummed that the chargers lost. for some reason, even though i never watch football, i have always considered the chargers my team.

WADDLER26.2 said...

you gave us a great game.

Irene said...

He's an upstanding guy. Most of his family still lives here.

Considering how injured their key players were, they did great. Next year...

Barbie2be - Did you know that ELP was the first concer I ever went to? Winner! I'm hopeful the Chargers will come back even stronger next year.

My die-hard Pats friend who lives in Boston e mailed me before the game was over and he said he was scared! LOL. It was a good game and I'm glad to see Seau in it, even if he is a Patriot. :)

barbie2be said...

Irene: my first concert was the beatles at candlestick park. i was almost 6 years old.

Irene said...

That's amazing!