Saturday, January 12, 2008

Here Comes Yet Another Day

Activity: Run
Date: 01/12/08 07:14 AM
Distance: 4.55 miles
Time: 0:42:53
Speed: 6.4 mph
Pace: 9' 25 min/mile
Calories: 430

Today was a run with the SDTC, out at Quivera Basin, which is basically at the bay. Kept an easy pace. My husband did OK but had to make a restroom stop mid way through.

One of the coaches noticed my necklace from the Nike Women's Half marathon and started asking me questions about it, and how much effort it took to just sign up for it. It was kind of funny, though, because she went from informative coach mode to excited and giddy mode when she talked about the Nike event.

Gotta go. We're having our backyard ripped up to replace old pipes, and that means NO WATER.

Yesterday's song - Doctor My Eyes - Jackson Browne - Step Away From The Cake

Actually this wasn't yesterday's song. I thought I posted yesterday, and I swear I did, but I must have done something to the "Post Options" and the wrong date came up. Oh well. I put in a picture for the 11th, just to make it for THAT day...




Flo said...

Here comes another day - The Kinks

Dang, you're speedy!!! I did 5k in 40 minutes this morning. Of course, after my spin session Thursday night I'm thankful the legs work at all :)

WADDLER26.2 said...

Great run.

KatieFeldmom said...

Great job on the run!!!

simplypink said...

No water...that's scary! I hope it's all been fixed by now. I've always wondered about bathroom breaks during marathons. :)

Irene said...

Flo - Winner! I guess it's all relative. I am in awe when I see the A group people zoom past at their easy 7 minute mile pace! Thanks, though! I don't know how you can still run after doing a spin class on the same day!

Thanks! It felt good.


Simply Pink,
I was a little panicked for a bit, but they dug the trenches on friday and cut the pipes on Saturday, so we were only without water for about 6 hours, and everyone was out of the house for most of that time. They made sure we were all up and ready for our day before they shut off the water. Bathroom breaks at marathons... There are a gazillion port-o-potties throughout the route BUT some people just do their business on the side of the road!!! I've never done that!!!