Monday, January 28, 2008

Who Needs Pictures

...I sure do.

Looks like I didn't need to have a hat-cam after all! Someone from the SDTC was kind enough to take photos of our run last Saturday.

Here's what we ran next to:

On my way back!

Just in case, that's me in front, in the white shirt and hat.

Yesterday's Song:
No Excuses - Alice In Chains - Barbie2be



Sunshine said...

Love, love the pictures!! You go, Runner!

Backofpack said...

Those pictures are wonderful - thanks for finding them for us. Looks wonderful to me!

Anonymous said...

LOVE pictures!!! How beautiful! I'd be running everyday too if I got to run along that scenery everyday!

barbie2be said...

brad paisley.

gorgeous pictures. i might even be inspired to work out more often if i had that kind of view. :)

Pat said...

The leader of the pack. go go go. I do love seeing the ocean.

Irene said...

LOL! ;) Thanks!!!

It was a great way to start the day!

Peaceful! I loved the view.

Winner!!!! It helps to have nice scenery to run next to. It sure beats a treadmill!

In that pic it looks that way, but there was a giant group of people just ahead of me. ;)