Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Little Cream Soda

No workout or run today.

I didn't go into the office today but I had plenty of errands to do, plus getting my hair done/cut. Food has been really clean today. Yesterday I had a diet soda, so that's a quarter in my cup. I didn't even drink the whole thing, perhaps a third of it, but the fact that I even had it (without thinking about it) is enough to pay up. (FYI: Part of the PDB Challenge this month was to pay a quarter for eating/drinking something off plan, and paying a penny for thinking about going off plan but not eating/drinking the off plan food. I put soda, both regular and diet, in my banned foods list.)

In the same strip mall as my hair person, is an indy running shoe store. I needed another pair of socks. The guy there got into telling me all of these cool running routes he and his running buddies have found in some of the newer developments in town. Some of the trails are made of the same stuff they now use for tracks, which makes for a better ride. The area is about a 25 minute drive south for me. I might have to check that out. He also told me not to put my running socks in the dryer because that particular pair of running socks are made with wicking material. They will last longer if they air dry. I didn't know that. Now I need to figure out where to hang my socks...

Yesterday's Song:
Slow, Fast, Wait & See - Loquat - Barbie2be




Anonymous said...

Sounds interesting, the running routes.

Having to hang socks....well, that's a new one.

Anne said...

Thanks for the sock tips. I never thought of that, but it makes sense.

barbie2be said...

white stripes?

i never knew that about the running socks but it makes a whole lot of sense. i think i need to invest in one of those folding drying racks because my special running pants aren't supposed to go in the dryer. nor are the sports bras and other special running clothes.

KatieFeldmom said...

Ok the quarter thing is really cool. I should do something like that for Lent.