Friday, January 25, 2008

Strange Fruit

This past week has been a bit busy between work and home. There was nothing really unusual this week, just a lot of the same old thing, especially at work. I think I'm finished with work for a little while, until someone else goes on vacation. I did order myself a pair of glasses. The frame is a purple Michael Kors. It's not like I NEED another pair of glasses, but this one will have my most current prescription, which really isn't much of a change. Besides, I got a sweet deal on the frame. No, it wasn't free, but close.

In a previous post I had mentioned that my dog had brought me avocados from under our tree. Every once in a while I would find avocados on my kitchen floor, in the same spot every time. I'm now thinking that my dog has grown fond of avocados because now she's bringing in the pits, unless it's some other animal eating the fruit and the dog is just bringing me what's left. She does like avocados, though.


Yesterday's Song:
Cinderella Under Cover - Oingo Boingo - Barbie2be


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barbie2be said...

i love, love, LOVE billie holiday!

i also happen to love, love, love avocado. i wish i had an avo tree. :)

right after college the lady that lived across the fence from me had a huge avo tree that hung down in my yard. i think i lived on chips and guacamole for 2 years.

KatieFeldmom said...

Not a big fan of the avocado, but I love the sign.

Kana said...

Hi Irene...I LOVE avocados! Wish we could grow those up here in the moutains! Enjoy your weekend-I am sure you are out running right now :0 Hugs, Dede

Irene said...

Winner! I love her sultry voice in that song! Too bad you're not closer becaue we have 3 huge avocado trees...

Avocados are like rocks while on the tree. I think I'm going to put up a similar sign, just for the comedy of it!

How'd you guess??? LOL... Thanks for visiting!