Sunday, July 02, 2006

July Challenge

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I've entered yet another challenge on Pink Dumbbells, but this time I will finish THIS challenge. I've entered two other challenges that I didn't finish.

Today I finally tried a full Kinetic workout.Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting I received Kinetic, a Playstation 2 "workout" program, from my kids for my birthday earlier this month. I'm sure, once I get used to it and figure out the camera angle so I can hit ALL the marks, that it will be a quite useful tool. Even though I did enough movement to feel like I managed a half-way decent work out, I scored a "D." I couldn't hit the marks on the lower right hand side of the screen... I'll get it figured out yet. Matt was my PT. I do realize that once I get better at it, the difficulty level will rise. Right now I feel like it wasn't quite the workout I'm used to, especially for cardio -- it doesn't seem to be enough, BUT it makes me realize how uncoordianted I am at the moment. There's always something to improve on.

Renee made very small pancakes for breakfast this morning. I had 2 with sugar free syrup and a small cold glass of plain Silk soy milk. Her 2 pancakes probably equal one regular sized pancake. She's been making them smaller for Evan, but they're the perfect size for me. Food for the rest of the day should be really clean. I have an abundace of yummy yellow squash from my garden and Michael picked up some steaks at Costco. Right now I'm going for a icy cold protein shake...

Reality check:
Weight still at 129.
My goal is 120.

Things that went right:
*Used Kinetic
*Eating is okay. Perhaps pancakes wasn't the best choice but they were at least half of what I could have eaten, plus I used sugar free syrup.

Things that need improvement:
*Get better at using Kinetic.
*I have a sad dog. She went to the vet yesterday for a skin irritation. The vet shaved the affected area and is now on cephalexin and prednisone, and has to wear an Elizabethan collar so she won't bother the affected area...

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Miss Rachel said...

Oh poor puppy. She's so cute though. What breed is she? She looks sort of like a Belgian Shepherd.

I am going to do that challenge too. I haven't figured out exactly what my routine will be though.

Chérie said...

We carry so much emotion with weight. I'm glad you were there for your friend. You seem like exactly the type of person to help someone find their way :)

I like what you said - "there is always something to improve on."

Poor dog! It's hard to see them like that.

Irene said...

We adopted our dog at the ASPCA about 6 years ago. They said she was a German Shepherd/Labrador Retriever mix -- and she does carry the personality traits of both breeds. She does look like a Belgian Shepherd, though... I checked into it, but she's a mutt. She has a lot of the brown German Shepherd in her fur. :) Day 3 of the July challenge is going well.

I hope my friend will ask more questions. I haven't heard from here since that day, but I think she'll ask more questions. I feel so klutzy doing Kinetic. As with anything else, it will get easier and, perhaps, more graceful... LOL... My dog is getting used to the collar. She's been navagating herself better. That first day was tough because she couldn't figure out how to eat or drink water with that collar on. Now she has it all figured out and seems happier.

KatieFeldmom said...

Poor doggie!
Hope she feels better soon!

Good Luck on the Challenge!

Irene said...

She's feeling perky and less itchy already. We might take the collar off on Tuesday... I think this is one challenge I can stick to. :)

Anonymous said...

I went through a whole cycle of kinetic for 3 months - the keys - 1) make sure you have the extra lens on the eye toy. 2) Have it BRIGHT in the room, and if the sun is shining in and you are really pale like me, wear a contrasting color shoe or sock to the background to hit the bottom marks. I have the windows open, a bright desk lamp on the floor shining up at me, the closet light on, and a floor lamp with the shade off (I keep punching this lamp accidently, but no matter). Bright/contrast is better for the eye toy.
3) for some cardio games, it is better to make long sweeping movements - the longer and sweepoer the better (like arcburst). For others, it is better to punch or kick at the marks. 4) since you are a runner, kinetic cardio is not going to be the cardio you are used to - it is strictly low-impact, warm-up feeling kind of cardio. But if you do 40 minutes of it, you'll get a nice warm fuzzy feeling of goodness, but no panting. 5) On the bright side, the combat ones are fun and make you pant - too bad they are only three minutes. I never do kinetic cardio anymore (though that may change when winter comes around) but I will often do all the combat drills one after the other for a quick 24 minute pick me up at the end of a long work day. Frankly, I would love a game with a few dozen of these combat drills - like eye toy kung fu or something.

Happy Kineticing! Bisous

Irene said...

Thanks for the tips Bisous!