Wednesday, July 12, 2006

You Dropped A Bomb On Me

Another day with my grandson.
There's another reason why bottles of medications, household products, and other products are labeled “Keep out of reach of children.” My grandson took the bottle of sunscreen out of his duffle bag and poured the entire bottle into his shoes, then filled his new shoes (just bought yesterday) with the little clear plastic protective covers for the digital ear thermometer… These items were up and out of reach, BUT this little person can climb. He figured out, early on, that boxes and furniture COULD be moved into strategic places in order to climb up to get what he wants… Now we have to figure out how to lock up this stuff. Photobucket - Video and Image HostingAs I see it, his mind is geared towards how he can creatively use something over eating/ingesting it…. We stowed the Sharpie markers and glue a long while back…. The sunscreen incident happened when he was supposed to be in bed, asleep… Oh, the shoes have been washed, and are in the sun to dry and a “time out” was the next course of action.

Workout stuff
Yesterday I fit in UBW circuits on the Bowflex and dumbbells. I did proceed with caution because of the arm tendonitis issues I had earlier this year. I did 4 sets, 12 reps of the lat tower with 3 different grips, chest fly's and presses, and dumbbell kickbacks. The hard part is still keeping the weights low, but I suppose it is a step up from resistance bands and a step in the right direction. I'll get back to those heavier weights in good time.

Today I fit in a quick round of leg extensions and leg curls on the Bowflex -- 4 sets of 20 each, low weights. So far, those are the only two things I can do which don't bother my left foot, so I am happy with that. The ankle is still sore but feeling so much better.

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FV Tom said...

Daz Band?

Kids'll do the darnest things!

Irene said...

Nope... Think old school... And with the grandson, we've only just begun.... There are more shenanigans to come, I'm sure!

KatieFeldmom said...

ooooohhhhhh, me, me, me, pick me, I know who sings that. over here! my hand is up! me, me, me. Pick me.

The Gap Band???????

I'm so not mentioning this little event to my son or every near his ears. He would surely do something like that.

Irene said...

Winner! KATIEFELDMOM WINS! Woohoo... :)

Kids figure out how to do stuff like that on their own. Hehehe...

FV Tom said...