Monday, July 24, 2006

Black Dog

It has been ridiculously hot here in Southern California. Saturday we had record breaking heat, and in my neighborhood it was around 114 degrees. The dog was panting excessively and this worried my husband... "What's wrong with the dog?" "She looks like she's having breathing problems!!!" I reminded him that she's hot, and she's a dog, and dogs do that (pant) when they're hot because they don't sweat like humans do. The dog did have plenty of water and planted herself in front of the air conditioner. She's fine.

We also had a birthday party for our grandson that same day, so we spent the first half in the house right near the little wall air conditioner, once it cooled down to about 95 degrees, we went outiside in the shade... Plenty of cold beverages were consumed and a good time was had by all... Oh, and our grandson now has a huge colletion of Matchbox and Hotwheels cars. He's besides himself with all those cars.

Saturday was also chalked up to a free day, but it didn't really have any bearing on my progress or lack thereof. I didn't eat all that poorly, I did make a veggie tray, but my main "freebies" were Smirnoff Twisted V cooler type drinks and cake. No real workout on Saturday but all of the prep before the height of the heat made it feel like I had worked out.

I never made it to Comic-Con. It was just too hot and my Jack Sparrow buddy didn't feel like wearing all of his garb in the heat. It's just as well.

Sunday was clean up and recouping. We did trek out to Home Depot for an over the range microwave oven/exhaust fan unit for the "new" old house.
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Today it is much cooler, thank goodness! I will be back on my Bowflex cranking out leg curls and leg extensions, once I move all the stuff that DS threw on top of it prior to the party.

That's it. Nothing too exciting but it's Monday.



FV Tom said...

Led Zeppelin!

Hot here too but at least not 114. We only hit 100 on Saturday, at least on my back patio.

Sure wish I still had all of my Match Box and Hot Wheels. Oh, well.

Running by.... said...

Yep...It was HOT HOT HOT. Thank god it's finally cooing down. Your dog looks like she's handling the heat just fine.

Irene said...

Go Tom! You win! Half of my grandson's car collection used to belong to my son, so he has a nice selection of cars and actually knows the makes of most of them... I keep telling my daughter we should be teaching the kid algebra right now, while his mind is a little sponge -- I'm just half kidding...

Running by - Thanks for stopping by! Blogger didn't let me post a new picture, one with her tounge sticking way out, so that's a prior one of her chasing bees in the backyard. She's good, and back to being herself...

shpprgrl said...

Free days are fun! I need to schedule one myself. Where is fall when we need it?!

chantal2bfit said...

Not too hot here in my neck of the woods. It's only supposed to go up to 88F, but humidity is upwards of 90%. The weather people around here are calling it a heatwave.

KatieFeldmom said...

I'm so sorry that I brought that hot weather with me from Sacramento. I thought I was escaping it, but it followed me down there. Is it any better since I left? Maybe it came home with me because it is 105 up here. Eleventh straight days of 100+ temps. A record.

Melissa said...

114??? What on earth was I complaining about?!! LOL Your poor pup...what a beautiful picture!

Irene said...

I sorta quit doing whole free days because it would take me three days to get back to normal. This time it wasn't so bad.

It's much cooler. Yesterday it was almost cold at 79 degrees! LOL... Over here it sprinkles and the news people boast "Storm Watch" as the headder of their newscast... Sheesh!

It was you who broght the weather!!! Well, it didn't totally all go home with you. It's still warm but not as warm as it had been... We have friends who live in Roseville (in Northern CA) and I know how toasty it gets up there! Stay cool!

It was just one day that it got that hot. I shoulda taken a picture of my thermometer... The dog is doing well. Hubbie just got worried...