Friday, July 28, 2006

Hot Stuff

This past week has been consumed with "new" house issues. Everything is rolling along to bring the electrical and parts of the plumbing up to "code," so we're ready to install new appliances. Here's the range I've chosen. I've wanted this kind of range since we've moved into the house we currently live in, but (at the time) only came in electric... I prefer to cook and bake with gas. Now it comes in gas. The reason why I wanted this particular range is because it has dual ovens.
Here's the dishwasher. It's pretty much the same as what I have now, but this one has a stainless steel door. The inside is their basic model. I didn't think I needed special adjustable racks which jacked up the price quite a bit. So far, all of the appliances are Maytag. Not sure on the fridge yet since there's a gazillion refrigerators out there and we just need to look at the features we like. I'd love to have a gigantic Sub Zero custom fridge/freezer but that's so not in our budget... A nice bonus to the appliances, is that they have rebates, and there's few rebates between the store, the manufacturer, and the city, so I'm estimating that we saved about $300 with all the rebates.

Working out has been lack-luster. I'm doing my thing but it has been rather blah. I'm sure it has to do with the weather. Nutrition this week has been decent. I saw my chiropractor on Tuesday and he worked on my feet. (ahhhhhhhhhhh!) I did have my free meal on Wednesday night out with Michael, which was interesting because a group of car salesmen were getting plastered at the bar, and as we were leaving, a few of them were in the parking lot -- one of them said to Michael (while referring to me) "You're one lucky bald dude!" I guess that's a compliment?

And the weather... It sucks. It's somewhat humid, not quite Brazil humid, but enough to feel sticky. I wish it would rain already and get it over with.... I know, I'm spoiled with fantastic weather 85% of the time. I really shouldn't complain. I'm blessed, right?


I'm not sure what's up, but both of the sites I enter my workout info into are down. I did circuits for upper body, high reps/low weigths, but only 3 rounds. I also fit in leg extensions and leg curls, also high reps/low weights, however I did 6 rounds of those.


Melissa said...

I'm loving that oven! SOOOO COOL! I'm looking forward to the day we're shopping for appliances ;) Great job with the circuits! Oh, and about the carb cycling on my blog, I know, I thought the "mayo & whipping cream" thing was really wierd too. I WON'T BE TRYING THAT!! LOL Just thought it was very interesting to read! haha

shpprgrl said...

I love that double oven. There are some foods that should not be cooked chicken/turkey and sweets. I have that problem during the holidays, that oven would solve the problem. It is awesome!

sister smile said...

Love your appliances! I'm a total appliance junkie as well. My new dishwasher (also a stainless steel door) arrives tomorrow, woot woot!

Irene said...

Everything seems to be falling into place with the house. I just hope that this little remodle won't set us back too much, but it was long over due. It will be nice to have new appliances.

Exactly why I want this particular oven! I've seen some houses that have 2 separate ovens, but we definetly don't have the funds or the room for something like that... I'm looking forward to using that oven over the holidays!

Sister Smile,
I hope your super figured out your dishwasher and the creative wiring situation!!! It's nice to have new stuff every once in a while.