Sunday, July 30, 2006


We made it to Michael's 30th high school reunion... His best buddies also attended, so that made for a great evening. One of them kept saying "Who are all these old people?" The picture of us isn't the greatest, but it was the best one from the evening. Towards the end of the evening, one really drunk woman came up to me and said, with very slurred words, "I don't know who you are but you have the prettiest dress here." Then she gave me a hug... The food at the reunion was just okay. It was probably the most expensive meal I ever had, considering it was just a couple of "food stations" with quesadillas, another with mashed potatoes and stuff to go on top, 2 bars (which was not included), a coffee station, and later a dessert station that didn't offer more than chunks of white cake, strawberries, mellon, chocolate sauce and whipped cream... Michael came home hungry... For me, it was easy to eat clean, but they didn't have much anyway...

This next week wraps up my Pink Dumbbell July challenge, which I actually stuck to 95% of the time, so I feel good about that. I didn't meet my goal weight but that's okay. I'm on a regular workout routine and sticking with it, even though it is altered. I'm still at 126 and will probably maintain that weight until I am able to begin running and get into the hard core cardio I am accustomed to. Now I need to think about August and half marathon training.



shpprgrl said...

Even though she was drunk, she still spoke the truth. That is a very pretty dress and you look really good in it too! I love the colors and the fabric!

Miss Rachel said...

I agree. You look very pretty and glamorous.

chantal2bfit said...

I agree with the drunk woman. That dress look so pretty! And you look gorgeous!!!

leslie said...

Dittos! You look beautiful and you and your husband look very happy. Glad you had a good time.

Chérie said...

For some reason, the last few times I've tried to comment, my comments have been disappearing :( I hope this one sticks!

First, I loved the pun about getting it off your chest, even though it wasn't intended :) How did the bra work out?

And the dress! I wish you had a full picture of you in it! It's so fabulous and you are fabulous in it.

Miss Fit said...

I wished I could see more of the dress, too – I immediately thought, “ooooh, pretty dress.” You look really lovely!

Congratulations on such consistency with your workout plan. That’s something to be extremely proud of!

xo, Rachel

Irene said...

I love shopping on line! It was a comfortable dress! I've had two drunken compliments from strangers this past week. There's gotta be one more, seeing how everything happens in threes... LOL.

Miss Rachel,
Thanks. :) It's a fun dress!

LOL... This woman was HAMMERED! Thanks. :)

Thanks -- We had a good time. Considering that it wasn't my high school reunion, I still had a good time. Some spouses looked very bored...

I don't know what's up with blogger. I've been having issues with downloading pictures. Oh, the bra worked! I brought a back up bra with me, just in case, but it wasn't necessary. I love the dress. I need to get a better picture. My hubbie really liked me in the dress, too. :)

Miss Fit (Rachel),
Yep, I need a better full picture! I even had red, strappy, high heeled sandals. Thank for the compliment. Every time I get close to my goal weight, progress always seems to go slow, but I've been down this road before, and I know if I just stick with it, those last 6 pounds of fat will go away.