Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Middle of the Road

Hump day!

Talked to my bro on the phone this morning. He's good to go for the half marathon in October.... Once my foot is better I'll be good to go, too. I hope I heal up in time to get some decent training in. I'd like to run a half marathon in under 2:26, which was exactly my half marathon time at BOTH marathons. However, at this moment, if it takes the entire 4 hour time limit for me to do the half marathon walking, I would take it.

Normally, today would be a cardio day, but I need to figure in something else. Not sure what, though since mostly everything cardio uses the muscles in the foot. I'll come up with something... Ponder

Last night my hubbie brought home a machaca burrito... It probably had an entire day's caloric intake in that burrito. I inhaled it. So, it's clean eats today...



barbie2be said...

Good luck with your foot. I am training for a triathlon that will happen Aug 19.

Chérie said...

I have no idea what a machaca burrito is, but it sounds like something that should definitely be inhaled :)

Your grandson is adorable! They grow up so fast.

Hope your foot heals soon.

Irene said...

It's taking time healing but it will be worth the time off. Someone suggested that I try a tri... I'll keep checking your blog for your tri updates! Good luck!

Machaca is beef that has been slow cooked, which is okay, has chili peppers, bell peppers, perhaps some tomatoes and other spicy seasonings, then it's mixed with scrambled eggs -- by itself it's not that bad with the calories and fat content. It's the burrito part that puts it over the edge because they use the biggest flour tortilla ever to wrap up everything, and that's what puts it over the edge... But it was good... I enjoyed it! :)

Melissa said...

I'm sorry I'm late but I wanted to say Happy Birthday to your little grandson! What a cutie pie! They grow sooooo fast I swear my son was born last week. Only, I'm actually getting sleep now. LOL

Pamela said...

Happy b-day to the grand baby!! & maybe try the bike for cardio.. see how you do.. I know it sucks that LBWO is messed too! Just give it time hon :D

Irene said...

July is definletly a birthday month here! Thanks for the birthday wishes for DGS! Yes, they DO grow so fast!

Thanks, too, for the Birthday wishes for the little guy! Bike, swim, run, aerobics, etc... I have to stay away from those. It's frustrating, but at least I can do the leg curls and extensions. It's better than nothing, I suppose... The foot is slowly getting better, and that's a good thing. :)

FV Tom said...

so i've been racking my brain since you posted this. I'm sure it's a song title and I can't place it. Dang. You play better than I do!

Irene said...

Early 1980's band, female lead singer. They were sort of considered "new wave" at the time...